MED-Q Best automatic pill dispenser alarm reminder

2017: the year of the Smart Electronic Pill Dispenser alarms

2017: the year of the Smart Electronic pill Dispenser alarms

Finally, Smart electronic pill dispenser alarms for loved ones

The year of the Smart electronic pill dispenser alarms is here.  Smart electronic pill dispenser alarms give seniors a chance to stay Independent longer.  There are several newcomers to the market place.   The new generation of pill dispensers are not only easy to use, but smart as well.  The new medication dispensers were researched for the best pill dispenser for senior men and women.  Furthermore, the disabled will find the new smart medication dispensers very helpful.

Medication Management is hard for  patients and caregivers.

It is not always easy to listen to the pharmacists and health care professionals.  Mistakes happen on a regular basis.  As we age, seniors develop AIMM’s (AGE INDUCED MEDICATION MISTAKES).   Hence, forgetting is a normal part of aging.  Note, this is not to be mixed-up with dementia or other cognitive illness.  The days of  a “DUMB” pill box are over.

Whatever form your medications arrive in, there is now a perfect(almost), connected, automated dispenser for you. Most are promising deliveries beginning in 2018 so the timing is great if you are considering the need for a pill dispenser for yourself or loved one.

Smart Electronic Pill Dispenser alarms
Smart Electronic Pill Dispenser alarms

America’s #1 Smart electronic pill dispenser alarms

For example, Med-Q is an inexpensive alternative to the units below.  First, the user or caregiver needs to evaluate the situation to make the best pill dispenser decision.  To best illustrate,  Med-Q uses LITE-BOX guides.  The LED will “FLASH” the individual pillbox container holding that times dose. First, no need to worry about what day of the week it is.  Second, no worries about which pills to take.  Finally, just take the pills in the flashing box when it is flashing.

What happens if you miss a dose?

to sum up, no worries with the Medq.  The Blasting audio alarms will repeat their 5 minute cycle every 25 minutes.  Hence, the alalrms will repeat until the pills have bee taken. Finally, a simple, reliable solution to home medication errors.

Rx Pen is a personal dispenser for blister packaged medications

Hence, for seniors and individuals suffering with a chronic illness.  The Medication dispenser holds prepackaged medications.  It has a 2 weeks) capacity.  Med Dispenser will deliver each dose packet to the patient, at the right time. Furthermore, the device will connect direct to the pharmacy.  This will give the caregiver details needed to program.  Physically locked, preventing theft, abuse and overdose.  Care givers need to ask themselves, “Dose the dispenser need an audio alarm reminder also”?

  • Patented,  robotic mechanism
  • Stops over dosing
  • Multilingual dispenser (EN/FR/ES +) which allows each user?—?patient, caregiver or healthcare professional to choose their own language for use.

First, designed for seniors residences.  Second for managed care and assisted living faculties.  Finally, many use it at home. Every one ( Patients, caregivers and other authorized users) have their own account.  This will ensure HIPAA compliance.

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) is United States legislation that provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information.

Smart Electronic Pill Dispenser alarms
Smart Electronic Pill Dispenser alarms

Spencer strip packaging pill dispenser.

Many pharmacists will give strip packaged medications.  If so,  this dispenser may work or you. First of all, the certified pharmacist  filled packs that are need to be sorted   Second of all, they are arranged by the dose times.   Finally, it will then dispenses medications at the right time with reminders and alerts.  Built to be used at home.  Finally,  prescription pills can only be supplied by a special pharmacist.

Karie:  home use, automated strip packaging  dispenser.

Smart Electronic Pill Dispenser
Smart Electronic Pill Dispenser alarms

First, find a specialty pharmacy.  Second, have them fill the strip packaging.  This will come in the form of a roll.  Finally, the roll is placed into it’s cartridge.   The user now takes the loaded cartridge back to the home. User now puts the loaded cartridge inside the pill dispenser..  Karie will read the information on the packaging and automatically creates a medication reminder and dispenser schedule. The cartridge and medication needs to be stored away from young kids.

HERO for dispensing as well as manages pills and supplements

Alzheimer's Pill Box with alarms
Alzheimer’s Pill Box with alarms

Setting up the  HERO is easy. First, Simply place  pills into a cartridge.  Second slide the cartridge into place.Good news, sorting is now a thing of the past. Finally, Put each tablet into its own pillbox. The Pill and supplement dispenser holds  a month’s supply of up to 10 pills (depending on size). Furthermore, it can be locked, and password protected.

Pillo is a personal, home use device

Obviously, a smart & friendly way to manage your pills.  Above all, this medication dispenser has a “space age” look. I’ve seen.  Connects directly to the healthcare professionals.  Hence, to securely manage preconditions and supplements.  First, it will store pills.  Second, it will dispense the pills.  Third, it  will order refills automatically.   Last but not least, it will even notify loved ones when medications are not taken.

Key features

  • Voice & facial recognition
  • Secure storage and dispensing of pills and vitamins
  • Mobile notifications via the  mobile app

It’s great to see so many new entrants into the medication adherence space.

Indeed, welcome to the 21st Century.  The Dumb Pill box that has been used for century’s is just not cutting it.  Time to upgrade to a Smart Electronic Pill Dispenser alarms.   Indeed, where else can such a small investment have such a big payoff in health and quality of life.  Simply put, a Smart Electronic Pill Dispenser alarms remembers for you.  With out a doubt, a caregivers best friends.  Subsequently, keeping loved ones out of Emergency room.

MED-Q is the Best Alzheimer's Pill Dispenser
America’s best Pill reminder with LITE-BOX Guides and Repeating Alarms



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