MED-Q Programmable PillBox Alarms

MED-Q Smart automatic pill dispenser for 95% adherence

Smart automatic pill dispenser

95% Medication Adherence


 Automatic Pill Dispenser

  Med-O-Wheel SMART Automatic Pill Dispenser holds 14 doses. Up to 4 Daily Alarms. Complete automatic pill dispenser with 2 x 14 trays, batteries (2 x AA).  Sponsored By Med-Q Medication Compliance system

 Automatic Pill Dispenser has a locking key system

automatic pill dispenser 28 medication compartments with up to four times per day.  Alarm tones and a blinking light alert  patient and will not turn off until the automatic pill dispenser is tilted on its side. Automatic Pill Dispenser includes three discs that can be inserted to indicate the day of the week and the time of day depending on the number of doses needed daily.

 A 31 daily smart pill box.

 Each of the daily pill boxes has Four smaller compartments for the  morning, noon, evening as well as night time. It has a alarm to alert you  as well as up to 4 alarms daily. The user should make sure that the green topped containers are manually flipped over to red to show the user that they had already taken their pills. 

Pill Weekly Pill Reminder.

smart automatic pill dispenser
smart automatic pill dispenser

This pill organizer alarm has individual pill boxes that you fill with your pills throughout the day.   Set alarms for the different times to take the different pills    At pill time, the pill box with alarms will alert you by either beeping or  vibrating. 

Glowing Cap for Pill Bottles. 

This is a wifi pill bottle will link to the Web for daily reminders of when to take your pills. You use a computer to program when the pills need to be taken. Then, at that time, a light on the pill bottle cap flashes. After 30 minutes, an alert sounds.  If the bottle  has not been opened, an automated  call will be to the patient.

Pill Turtle Weekly Pill Reminder  

This simple pill organizer keeps track of your pills and comes with a reminder alarm clock and timer. It has 7 large compartments with Braille markings and raised letters to show the days of the week. This cute, turtle-shaped pill organizer will keep you on time and in style.

7 Alarm Vibrating DAILY Smart Pill box Timer

daily smart pill box  7 Alarm Vibrating or Sound Alarm Timer and Daily Pill box complete with Batteries. Up to seven (7) daily alarms and seven (7) daily pill compartments.

Tab Tote Monthly Pill Organizer

This pill organizer holds up to 4 weeks of pills. Each of the is labeled 1 to 30 for each day of the month. You can load 15 days at a time. The large lid rotates to open only one day’s dose at a time.

This 7-day pill organizer has compartments that are marked with the seven days of the week. Some of these Pill Boxes come equipped with AM as well as PM compartments.  This is for a morning and an evening pill. This pill organizer is great if your traveling or on-the-go since you can detach exactly the days you need.

Twice A Day Weekly Pill Organizer

The simple “Old Fashion” pill organizer is a pill holder.  It is for people taking pills Twice each. There are separate pill box compartments for each dose.  They come in many different sizes and capacities. 

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 Med-Q Electronic Pill Box with Alarms is Available for Institutional Sales.pill organizer


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