Smart 7 Day Pill Box

Smart 7 Day Pill Box in Nursing Homes

Smart 7 Day Pill Box Reduces Nursing Home Errors

Smart 7 Day Pill Box Cutting Edge Design virtually eliminates Forgetting and Over-Dosing.

 Remembering to take Meds is difficult at best, and is fatal at it’s worse.  Relying on “Post-Its” or ” a $4.99 Pill Box by the Toothbrush”,  is a CRISIS just waiting to happen. Try America’s Best Smart 7 day Pill box with alarm and LED LITE-BOX.

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Smart 7 Day Pill Box in Nursing Homes prevents Medication Mistakes. August 2016) Healthcare News reports 400,000 people die each year from medication mistakes. They also said, “You can a hospitalized patient to have one medication mistake per day”.

 Medication Mistakes lead to Crisis

Medical Non-Compliance is the medical term for “not taking medication as prescribed” The problem cannot be under estimated. Nor can the need for a 7 day pillbox to solve the problem.  This is the time for senior to enjoy their lives.  Modern Medication gives them a Quality of Life that has never been seen in history.

Smart 7 Day Pill Box
MED-Q Smart 7 Day Pill Box



Medical Non Compliance

Smart 7 Day Pill Box
Med-q is America’s Best Smart 7 Day Pill Box with Lite-Box Guides

The Med-Q Smart Pill Box reduces errors.  These errors from mom forgetting pills or Dad forgetting medication are not like forgetting to take out the trash.  They lead to loss of independence and  Quality of Life.  Seniors have a condition called AIMM’s.  Age Induced Medication Mistakes are a typical problem, effecting Seniors.   That is why a Medication Smart 7 day Pill Box is needed. A Smart pill box means no more mom forgetting her pills.

Is Your Mom Forgetting Pills?

Dr. Bruce G. Fagel was featured on the  PBS Tv Show, “Need to Know”.  He talked about how big the problem was in Nursing Homes and how little was being done to prevent it.  The PBS video showed different medication reminder devices.  Technology has brought us a smart pill box with alarms that virtually eliminates forgetting and over dosing.

Experiencing Caregiver Burnout??

Med-Q Smart Pill Box provides Valuable Information and Tips on Our BLOG.     Please share YOUR MEDQ Pill Box Experiences with pill organizer with alarms

Smart 7 day Pill Box dispenser reminder
America’s best Smart 7 day Pill Box dispenser with LITE-BOX Guides and Repeating Alarms
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