electronic pill box with timer alarm

MED-Q Small Pill Box for Mom’s Meds

Med-Q Small Pill Box for Mom’s Pills

A Small Pill Box for Mom’s pills is the first line of defense

Small Pill Box with alarm.  Small Pill Box for Mom’s Pills is a must. As your mom gets older her memory will not be as sharp as it use to be.  It is best to be prepared when the memory begins to slip.   Doctors have labeled this problem as  AIMM’s (Age-Induced Medication Mistakes).

Alzheimer’s or detainment or not part of AIMM’s.  If Mom will start to use a small pill box with alarms, she will be taking a proactive stance on medication management.

If one thinks medication errors is a small problem, think again.  

The US loses the same number of men and women that would die from a fully loaded 747 Jet crashed with no survivors,twice a day. With this knowledge,one can see the need for a  small pill box with alarms.

Small Pill Box

Med-Q  Small Pill Box with alarms is the first line of medication defense for any one 50 years of age.

This being said, one will find that most seniors claim that they never,ever miss a dose, forget or take too may pills..  Te fact of the matter is that is simply incorrect.  WHO (World Health Association) has published recent studies that show that over 80 Percent of People. 50 years and older,  make medication errors on a regular bass.  The most common reason of all,  “Simply Forgetting”

Tell Family and Friends about the Smart Small Pill Box

Med-Q Pill Dispenser solves the Medical Non-Compliance problem.

small pill box
small pill box

This the medical term for Mom forgetting pills as well as taking too many pills. The problem will worsen as people get older.  As they age, they will need to take more pills then ever before.  The prescription pills will be more critical to keep illnesses associated with aging under control. That is why it is so very important to have a small pill box with alarms or a smart pill reminder with Audio Visual reminders.

Small Pill Box  with alarms uses Cutting Edge Technology

Med-Q small pill box with timer
Med-Q small pill box with timer

MED-Q  Smart Pill Reminder with alarms is the best pill box that is also pillbox with triple alarms.  The Modern, up-to-date medication box means no more decision about which pills to take and when to take them.

Load your small pillbox, then set the time that you want to take your pills.

After that, your are completely done, The Smart pill box will use it’s three alarms to make sure Mom takes her pills. At the time the user picked,  the blasting alarm will start sounding.  Furthermore the small pill boxes individual pill holder will  be flashing to guide the user to the right pills.  Just take the pills that are in the flashing box.  No decisions about time, day or which pills to take.  The only steps needed after loading the pill dispenser are to listen for the beeping or watch for the flashing. .  

Med-Q  Pillboxes makes it virtually impossible for aging parents to forget or double dose their prescription pills.  

best medication timer for alzheimer's
Best Small Pill Box with timer and Alarms

MED-Q Pillboxes ares part of a proactive action plan that help will make sure of the most positive outcomes from their pills and medications.  Keep your Loved ones out of Assisted Living with their home smart pillbox.

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