August 11, 2016

Senior’s Power of Attorney before it’s to late

Senior’s Power of Attorney when they are Sick

Senior's Power of AttorneyPersonal choice and self-determination is part of the human condition.  Decision, like what type of pill box to use or is small.  A smart pill box may delay the inevitable, but it will happen. But have you ever thought who would make decisions on your behalf if you can’t do it yourself?   Now is the time to decide on how to handle your Senior’s Power of Attorney before you get closer to death.  This decisions allows you be in control of our own life and destiny.   The decisions most people take for granted will need to be made for you.

We think we will always be able

One day you will no longer able to.  What if a illness comes out of the Blue. What happens if you break a hip?   Imagine if you have a debilitating stroke from medication mistakes.  After all,90 % seniors make medication mistakes on a regular basis with the help of a smart pill box.

Who will make a Senior’s Power of Attorney decision for you?

Most people have given this little thought.  Few have discussed it with their family.  They need to discussed it with someone else and put their desires in writing.   You should discuss your wishes in the event that you become incapable so they are know by all.   Even though no one likes to talk about it, it still needs to be discussed.    No one knows what tomorrow will bring.

Senior’s Power Of Attorney

If you need someone else to make decisions for you in the future, is called Advance Care Planning.  The leagls documents are called ” Senior’s Power of Attorney for Personal Care and a Continuing Power of Attorney for Property” . Every senior should have completed both documents before it is too late.  Power of Attorney for Personal Care is a legal document that charges someone else the right to make decisions on your behalf regarding health care.  It doesn’t have to be be a lawyer, but should be someone  you trust.  They should know your wants.  The should know that they should  make decisions from your desires. not theirs.  Decision like medication tools to be used like a pill box  or smart pill reminder service is enforced through a Power of Attorney.

 Power of Attorney is not a living will

A living will is NOT Senior’s Power of Attorney.   It is letter attached to, your Power of Attorney for Personal Care.  It  indicates your wishes about treatment and personal care.  A Continuing Power of Attorney for Property is a legal document that allows someone to act on your behalf if you are incapable of the decision to manage your financial affairs.. You should trust that they will manage your financial affairs as they will have complete control of managing your money and property.

 You do not need a lawyer to draft your Senior’s Power of Attorney

 MedQ Smart Pill box recommend that you do use a lawyer.  There are  basic components that all Powers of Attorney must include in order to be valid.  you can download the for at Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee . When completed , keep the originals in a safe place and make sure that you have at least one copy that is easily accessible. Ensure those you have asked to be your attorney have copies  access to the original documents if needed.

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MedQ Smart Pill Box is proud to provide information to our seniors.  We understand that medication management will not prevent the inevitable.  Our years of experience and user feed back makes it so we can share success and disaster stories with our reader.  If you would like to add anything about getting a Senior’s Power of Attorney drafted, please commit on this Blog.


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