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What is senior’s biggest fear with aging

Senior’s Biggest Fear Moving into Assisted Living

What are senior’s biggest fears.  What are Caregiver’s biggest fears.

senior's biggest fearCaregivers help with pill clock or some other type of pill box or pill reminder can have a huge impact.  How big?  30% of the population is a caregivers.  If If you had to pay for the caregivers service, the cost would be over 350 Billion Dollars per year.  This is 200% of costs spent on home health care and nursing homes.

 Senior’s Biggest Fear, Assisted Living  

smart pill box with alarm
smart pill box with alarm

The #1 Senior’s biggest fear is that they want to stay out of Assisted Living. Staying in their OWN home is the biggest symbol of the ability to be able to continue doing your daily tasks without help.   Getting older should not be a barrier to having choice and control over the quality of your life, or be a reason to move out of your own home.  The MED-Q Pill Box helps seniors stay at home.

Caregiver’s Need to Understand Senior’s Biggest Fears so they Can do the best they Can!smart pill box

#2  Smart pill box for good HEALTH


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