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8 Senior Sex Life Secrets

8 Senior Sex Life, Need to Know

Of course every one has heard about a disappearing of libido as well as vaginal dryness.  The thought, a huge drop in  a senior sex life sex as one gets older. Not to worry, senior sex life is still fun.    Even though aging can not be stopped, that doesn’t mean your senior sex life will go way.

dementia pill strategySenior Sex Life During the Aging Process

Sure, you’ve heard about the waning libido and vaginal dryness that can put a big damper on sex as you age. But it’s not all doom and gloom. While change is inevitable, experts agree there are plenty of ways sex gets better as you grow older.   There is good news for a senior sex life.

What Can Senior Expect

A recent report from the American Journal of Medicine, 2/3 of females were happy with the amount and quality of their sex lives.  This even includes women over the age of 75 .  In addition, 68 Percent of female seniors claim orgasms during sex.  A report from the University of CA  claims. “sex  will get better as you get older.  Surprisingly the oldest girls that took part in the research were the most likely to be sexually satisfied .

Your lover knows what they are doing.

senior sex life

Knowledge and past experiences lead to good love making..  This is an area where girls in the Forties,as well as older, have a huge advantage, according to Doctor Streicher, , a gynecologists as well as the writer of the book, “Sex Rx: Hormones, Health and Your Best Sex Ever”.  Folks assume sex is the best in your Twenties.  Research has shown this to be false.     Dr Streicher says  “Young people who are sexually clueless however further along in life,  people are just much more experienced.”

 Pressure to preform affects your mind

They say Fifty is the new Forty but people want to look more youthful.  As we age , the importance of the pressure to look “Hot” is much less. In fact, less pressure with partners will be in-tune to one another an that makes sex hotter.

 Sex with the identical person will increase personal happiness.

Male semen is  packed full of oxytocin as well as serotonin.  These are 2  “feel good” naturally produced hormones.  The circulate through the blood steam and effect the brain. Many researchers have reporter that Females exposed to the exact same sperm, regularly, have show to have a decreased level  depression as well as  elevated  happiness.

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5. Lover Comfort Level

The vagina is an entry point from the outside to the internal world. It’s also closely linked to your immune system, McClellan says. “If you’ve had the same partner for many years and then suddenly switch partners, your vagina may send out an immune alert that this new semen is foreign,” she says. The result may be irritation or even pain during intercourse.

6. Modern Medicine Miracle

When Females get older the production of the hormone Estrogen begins to drop.  The impact shows up in a couple ways.  The first  is  a reduction in your own  personal sexual drives.  Number Two, not enough vaginal fluid and finally  Number 3,  muscular weakening of the a girl’s”pelvic floor.  These three factors can be helped with a daily pill. Many women use a smart pill box to take a daily Estrogen pill.  This has proven very effective.  

 7. You may need your doctor’s help.

If you have any issues, speak with your health care professional.  A simple Viagra pill, can make all the difference in the world.  A Smart pill box filled with your daily dose can make your Doctor your best friend .  Remember, there is  that is  too taboo to question your doctor, even if you are too embarrassed to ask.  Keeping a senior sex life make it worth it to ask,

8.  Sleeplessness stifles ones Love Life

A study preformed the National Sleep Foundation in order to establish the amount of sleep disorders that Seniors have. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that if you are tired, you may not be in the mood.  The study showed that seniors have more sleep problems then they did when they were younger..

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