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Senior Confusion from Alzheimer’s

Senior Confusion from Alzheimer’s about Time or Place is Common

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Senior Confusion About Time or Place is a big challenge.    

Senior confusion with the Daily activities that were once never a second thought have now become insurmountable.  The problem is made much worse with the addition of Alzheimer’s or dementia.  Using good sense as well as modern technology, one can make it easier for the caregiver and the Alzheimer’s suffer. 

Some Real Life Examples:

The Alzheimer’s suffer may shout  “Take me home right now!” as well as, “Who’s house is this?


Men and women have the need to go back home.  This is something one can expect with Alzheimer’s or dementia.  It will be heightened when they are living in an assisted living facility.   In fact, Alzheimer’s causes progressive decline in one’s own mental functioning.  This leads to more and more confusion as well as memory loss. This is particularly important when it comes to taking medications.

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This is What You Should do

pill organizer with alarmsA couple of different ways to respond to the questions the confusion that loved one A great way to compensate is to have with photos as well as other visual reminders.   This is the #1 suggestion from  the Alzheimer’s Association. You must keep in mind that the Alzheimer’s sufferer is not trying to be difficult.  They have a debilitating disease that alters their normal thought process.

The best solution is to say very little.

 best Smart Pill dispenser with alarmsIn fact  have all of their belongings packed and ready to go.  If the senior asks a very specific questions, such as ‘Are we Leaving Now?’ you ought to say, ‘I want to wait until after the traffic slows down as well as, “it is suppose to rain, lets wait a little”.  One must find a way to make the person feel the safest, even if it involves a fib

NEVER give out a Lengthy explanation.  Don’t give a list of reasons.  These methods don’t work.  The fact of the matter is, You just can’t reason with  Alzheimer’s or dementia sufferer.   Caregivers need to accept the fact that It just can’t be done.  Don’t learn the hard way about Senior Confusion from Alzheimer’s. pill box

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