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Smart Weekly Med Reminder

Dad was a mess, After we lost Mom. He relied on her 100%. Problem, couldn't keep track of the days. He was messing-up a lot. Med-Q's kept him at home

My wife got it for me. I like that the alarm repeats.

Really works good...thanks....

I use it for my Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Pills. Really easy to use

prevention of disease and disability

This has made a real impact in our Dad’s life. He is doing great with his diabetes medication. Best thing we ever bought

Mom has dementia, she forgets to eat lunch, she feeds her kitties nine times per day, but she never forgets her pills.

I got One for my Mom and One for my Dad. It makes it easier on them and my sisters. No more phone calls.

This has been great for my Mom. I believe it is keeping her at home. I wish we had this for our Dad. Great product.

Weekly pill box alarm

Mom was missing 3-4 pills a week. I filled her old box, but it wasn't working. This pill box does it for her

This really works good. We had starting to look into Assisted Living. With Med-Q Mom is still in her own apartment

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Best ever at keeping patients on track with taking medications

By Susan 

Best device ever! As a nurse I couldn’t get my mom to take her meds, with this device she rarely misses a dose now. Easy for her to use at age 80, she just has one button to push to reset for her next dose.   Save us over $300 per month not having the assisted living facility have to give her meds and now she feels more independent and doing better because she is taking her meds routine.y

This is an amazingly helpful device.
This is an amazingly helpful device. My mother was getting confused and taking too many of her pills. This has been a god send.

Five Stars
Works great!

Looks like this has resolved the problem
By Gary G. Nicholson

Purchased this for an elderly aunt that was having trouble keeping up with her meds with a regular pill box. Looks like this has resolved the problem.


Did I take my meds this morning? Did I forget to take last night's? What day of the week is it anyway? I have had this Med-Q digital pill box for two months and I can answer those questions with certainty. With this box I know exactly when I've taken what dose, at what time and on what day.  Set the alarm for each box. Granted it took me several frustrating minutes to get all the alarms set the first time. Once done it is easy to refill the boxes without having to reset. When the alarm beeps the appropriate box brightly flashes at the same time and continues until you push the button on top to set the alarm for the next dose. I found that after emptying the box and pushing the "next alert" button the sound stops but the light still flashes a few second giving me time to verify which box I took the pills from.

Mom's not taking 2 or 3 doses

This device has been great for my Mom.  We set it for two weeks of one dose time a day.  She was having a problem keeping track of which day it was.  She took her pills in the morning and then took them again at night.  She thought she had forgotten.  This has really kept her on track.  No over dosing at all.   We are so glad for this product. Thank You Med-Q!

Five Stars
easy to set up. great to use for people forgetful about their medication or supplements.

This has really worked great for my Dad. After his heart surgery, he had to take meds 2 times a day for his stints. Perfect!!

MED-Q Timer Pill Box for the Caregiver

Dad lives with us. The problem,not taking his pills when we were at work. Not any more with your smart pill box

Dad has been using it for over a year now.

Got rid of Mom's old pillbox. It just wasn't working. She said she never forgot, but was forgetting all the time. A life saver

pill dispenser testimonials

This is excellent. My Dad is 91 and still at home. He is almost deaf, so the flashing box helps him a lot.

I believe Grandpa's Med-Q’s made it so he was at his Great-Grandson's B-Day Party. Best Pill dispenser ever.

MED-Q is keeping her out of assisted living. We still have someone come by once a week to help. The pill box works great.

All I can say is "Thank you Very Much"!

The whole family helps with Grandma. This gives us one less thing that we worry about. Has helped us a lot.

Mom lives almost 300 miles away. This has been a Godsend for us.

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