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med-Q Tips for Remembering  Medication

6 tips For Remembering Prescription Medications

Great Remembering Medication Tips

A common reason your Mom doesn't take their medication is because she  simply forgets.

Why do seniors need Tips for Remembering  Medication? Many elderly have a condition called AIMM's (Age Induced Medication Mistakes)  For instance, "When mom is taking her medication  it has become so reflexive that you’re unsure whether you took your pill or not", said Ari Tuckman, PsyD,who has written Understand Your Brain, Get More Done: The ADHD Executive Functions Workbook. It is like driving home from the store, pull in your driveway and don't remember how you got there.

The same things applies with Remembering  Medication.  It is like being on autopilot.

Confuse about Remembering  Medication is no small matter. You would not be surprised to find out that Cancer is #1 and Heart Disease is #2.  Shockingly, medication errors is #3.  A unbelievable 250,000 premature deaths every year in the US alone.

smart pill dispenser



Missing pills usually has so no immediate consequences.

Your Mom will not realize she missed her pills. It may take a few days or weeks to notice the "left over" pills.  The same thing is true on the other side.  Mom may take 3,4 or 5 doses to either catch-up or because she forget if she had already taken the. This has immediate results like a trip to the Urgent Care or even worse.

Strategies for Remembering  Medication

1. Dumb Pill Box.

The easiest strategy is to put your medication in a weekly pill box.  These have a compartment for each day of the week.  Some are designed for 1 pill a day.  Others can have four pills a day.  each pill is in a separate compartment with the day f the week printed on it.  Fill your pillbox with you pills and vitamins.  This is just a pill organizer and will not remind Mom when it's pill time.

Smart pill box2. Smart Pill Box technology

Today's technology gives your mom many choices.  A Smart pill box has the same type of design as a Dumb pill box with a difference.  The individual compartment holding that times dose will flash.  Mom just take the pills in the box that is flashing .  An alarm will be as week to remind her it is time to take her pills.  The combination of audio and visual alarms has proven to be very effective. .

3. Combine with daily routine.

Take your medication with something you do every day, such as  brushing your teeth. This will create a habit.

4. Alarm Clock

“Setting a daily alarm can be helpful.  If you have more than one dose a day, this will get confusing.

5. Leave it in plain site.

Out of site , out of Mind.  Leave you pills in plain site so you will be reminded every time you see them.  Be careful with this approach as it leads to over-dosing.

 6. Get Family Help.

A family helper who can make reminder phone calls is great.  The Friend or Family can keep you in the right frame of mind to make sure Remembering  Medication is treated with the importance that it".

Finally,  a Smart Medication Pill box Reminder.. What to do when Mom's medicine is a mess?.  What is the best pill dispenser for Mom?  Med-Q Pill Reminder or Smart Pill Box with Alarms is the Top  Medication Management tool.

MED-Q Best automatic pill dispenser alarm reminder

tips for remembering medication
tips for remembering medication
tips for remembering medication
pill box for remembering medication
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