4 Clever ways to Remember to Take Your Medicine

Tips to Remember to Take Your Medicine

Clever tips for how to Remember to Take Your Medicine

smart pill box or pill organizerMedication errors are no laughing matter.  Old fashion pill boxes or a pill organizer is not going to help you to Remember to Take Your Medicine.  Forgetting your pills and supplements are not like forgetting to pay the light bill.  One puts you in the dark, the other puts you six feet under.

University study has issued this warning:

  1.  “Medication mistakes are the #3 leading cause of death with over 250 Thousand annual deaths.   These tips on how to  Remember to Take Your Medicine and supplements are vital to practice.  Center for Disease control has issued this warning, “Medication mistakes are the #3 leading  cause of death with over 250 Thousand annual deaths. “

Good way to remember to take your medicine is to Combine Medication Times with a Daily Routine

smart pill organizer
smart pill organizer

One ought to combine their pill time with a daily activity.  Examples of which could be taking your pills at breakfast time, after you brush your teeth or even when you climb in bed.   One should keep the pills in easy-to-see spot. After a while, taking your pills will become habit

Be certain that you keep your pills in a safe place, away from kids as well as pets.  Users need to keep their meds away from extreme heat as well as extreme col.  Do not leave them in your steamed up bathroom. Most of your prescription medications remain very stable at normal temperatures, however extreme hot/cold/moistness may cause the pills to lose their potency, crumble into pieces, or even dissolve.  If you choose to keep your prescription pills in the refrigerator, you should put a sticky note reminder on the fridge as a reminder.

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2. Enlist Aid from your Family’s well as Friends

Many people are taking pills.  Seniors over the age of 65 , average 6 pills a day.  This being said, you can create a medication reminder team.  Everyone will  help remind the others to take their pills as directed.  If you live by your self, you can have a friend text you at pill time.  The could do this when they are  taking their own medications. If you have a family member that is living with you,  you have a built in pill reminder in your own home!  Seniors may need some help to remember their pills. If your loved ones are taking several pills,  you ought to  help them by getting them a smart pill box or pill organizer.

3. Keep List of the Prescriptions

Keep a list of your pills, Strengths, Dose, and Number of Remaining Refill.  Bring this list of your medication to each and every doctors visit.  If there is an emergency, bring the list to the ER with you.  One must be certain to keep the information accurate and updated.  If you utilize electronic pill organizer, you can easily update this information as needed on the free Drugs.com Medication Guide App.

4. Ask Your Health care Professional ways to Simplify Your Medication Regimen

Med-Q SMART PILL BOXIf your smart pill box or pill organizer isn’t getting the job done try to simplify your medication regimen.  Ask your doctor if there is a drug you can take once a day instead of many times per day.  This will simplify and reduce the times you need to Remember to Take Your Medicine.   Ask your Health care professional if you can safely take medications at the same time to limit multiple doses that need to be remembered..

If you need help with Remember to Take Your Medicine.

, you are not alone. It has been estimated that over 90% of seniors makes medication mistakes on a regular basis.  Taking control of you medication will give senior’s a better quality of life and increased independence. Separate doses because you have to be careful about combining antacids or other supplements with prescription drugs due to drug interactions, your doctor may be able to find medications that do not cause an interaction.  smart pill box

Ask your doctor or pharmacist  fortips to  Remember to Take Your Medicine.  Also ask them which medications you can safely take together at the same time to limit multiple daily doses.   See more Pill Box  Reminder on Google+ Facebook  YouTube.pillbox


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