Ways to Remember to Take Your Medication


Ways to Remember to Take Your Medication


Think it’s no problem when we don’t Remember to Take Your Medication?

Do you always Remember to Take Your Medication?  Prescription Medications have what is called a “half-life”.  This is, the amount of time it takes for the human body to purge 1/2 of the drug dosage. When one takes their pill or medication, if it is done on a very regular basis, one’s own body will reach what has been termed,  “steady state.  This is when the amount of drug absorption is equal to the amount of drug being metabolism and or excretion).


It can take 5-6 half-lives for a drug to get to it’s steady state.

MED-Q Medication box

If you can’t remember to take your medication you need to use some of these tips.  A typical example, if one’s own pills has a 1/2 of Twelve hours, like blood pressure pills, your steady state level of the medications may get too low.  It may decline by over 1/2 50-75 hours.  People’s blood pressure will start going up and have a bad impact on ones heart health.  That is why everyone needs a smart pill box to help them with their pills.

 Remember to Take Your Medication as prescribed

If you remember to take your medication as prescribed by your health care professional, you are sure to have the best chances for a good outcome.  Many times, the drug may have temporary side effects until the steady state is reached. If you forget to take a few doses, you are taking the chances of getting those temporary side effects once again.




Smart Medication Box for Alzheimer's

Here are some tips to help you to remember to take your medication

Learn About the Pills you are Taking

health challenges of agingLearn about ones own prescription pills is a first step.  If you know what medications do for you you are more likely to not forget or over-dose.  If you know about your own medical conditions you are more likely to remain compliant.  In fact the importance of pills like blood pressure, no symptoms the chances are greater that you will take your pill out of your pillbox.  Knowing what the side effects may be are critical so that you can see them if and when they may occur. Many side effects with drug treatment are temporary, so be sure to ask your health care professional about  the short-lived as well as the long-lived effects with any pills.

Smart Pill Boxes or Smart Pill Organizers

Smart Pill Dispensers are a great way to remember to Take Your Medication.  Old fashion pill boxes are available at virtually all pharmacies. Old Fashion Pill boxes have been used for centuries.  The new smart pill boxes use alarms and smart technology.  These pill holders are more than a basic pill organizer.  These newly designed pill dispensers can virtually eliminate the forgetting and miss dosing problem over night.

One great example of this new technology is the Med-Q Pill boxes with LED LITE-BOX Technology and triple alarms.

To see more Med-Q Pill Box. Seniors use these every day.  The AM PM Pill Box is split into individual compartments that hold 7 days worth of medication.  These devices will help remember to take your medication and supplements.  Apps for smart phones have been designed o help patients remember as well as keep track their medication.  An app like Drugs.com Pill Reminder App can hold an entire listing of all you prescription medications.

Calendar Alerts

Some people do not like using a pill organizer or any type of mobile device  They like the the simple method of a daily log. Those are great aids for some people.  However, most people do not find this method very useful.  Even if they get into a daily routine to help you remember, you should still use modern technology to your benefit.  If you can’t Remember to take your medication, get a smart pill box or pill reminder to Remember to Take Your Medication.Med-Q Pill Box Users




electronic pill box with alarm



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