October 30, 2016

Coping With all the Stress from Psoriasis


Coping With the Stressful Emotions from Psoriasis


Psoriasis is a stressful disease

The stress that it causes is compounded by the age of the suffers. Psoriasis is know to typically begin I  men and women in the 14-36 year old range   This is when men and women are the most concerned  with their physical appearance.   Many of these suffers  have added stress of the way their skin’s appears .  This will lead to  depression as well as  anxiety. in many people.

How many people suffer from Psoriasis. 

According to a recent survey form the National Psoriasis Foundation survey , over 5,000 people expressed concern over their emotional w

ell being and levels of depression.  Over 2/3 reported that disease made them very self conscious as well as  embarrassed.  Their emotions also included angry, frustrated and even a large degree of helplessness.  The Archives of Dermatology reported  just how serious the emotional toll is on Psorsis suffers.   The scientists compiled data from British citizens health records from 1988 up until 2003. The data consisted of over 150 Thousand individuals  with psoriasis as well as 750 Thousand Individuals that did not have the disease.   Not surprisingly, individuals suffering from psoriasis were at a much higher risk or depression as well as an anxiety.  There was even a spike in suicidal thoughts.


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More than Just Skin Deep

In what way does psoriasis affect your mind and attitude?  Number One,  it has an impact on how one views them selves. If one has a good self-image, you are well aware that psoriasis is not the major part of who you are However if one’s self-image is weaker,  Psoriasis may lead to poor self worth as well as as embarrassment  and even being ashamed.  Remember, There are medications that one can put It their smart pill box that will help.  An example is  Otezla® ( Medical term: apremilast) is a pill that treats moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.  Talk to you your Doctor to see if their are medications that can help you.

Number 2,  psoriasis will impact on how other people view you.  Most Folks have the initial reaction of,  disgust of revaluation.  If ones psoriasis can be seen by other, many times one will get looks and stares  A typical example, many  of the population might think that it is contagious, so these people stay away from you. Sometimes these people will just stare at the redness and the rashes.  This is exactly the type of response for others that will increase one’s emotional distress.

Number 3,  psoriasis  will affect the way you THINK other people see you.   Individuals with Psoriasis  look in the mirror and see the redness and the rashes and don’t like what they see. These people make the assumption that all other people feel the same way—even if  when they do not. To avoid the rejection or the feeling of self consciousness they might  begin to avoiding social situations. This type of attitude will lead to  isolation and that will just makes matters worse.

PsoriasisHow to Psyche Out Psoriasis

It’s perfectly normal to have difficulty with one’s feelings.   However there are ways to cope in a positive and mentally healthy manner.

Some Helpful tips:

  • Stop negative thinking about things like, “I am ugly and y repulsive,”  Stop focusing on the negative which will just make you feel worse.  Try to be positive as this can help raise your confidence as well as your future optimism.
  • The more you know about the disease you can make about treatment and lifestyle decisions.. Taking the best methods to improve your condition will help keep you more in control.
  • Join a support group, talk to you family, get help from friends.    A support group lets you talk with others  who experiencing similar problems. Hearing their stories is very empowering.
  • Speak with a healthcare professional

Parents need to be Intune to teens

The normal teen is going to be going through huge emotional and physical changes

.  Having. Psoriasis make the challenges that much more difficult.  If one’s child is suffering from psoriasis, you ought to help with offering moral support as well as sympathetic ear.  Parent should encourage their kids to talk openly about psoriasis with teachers as well as their teen friends. The more these people understand the situation, the more likely they are to be supportive. If your teen isn’t comfortable discussing psoriasis, practice together first. See more teen-friendly tips here.

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