Med-Q Programmable Pill dispenser solves Medication Errors

MED-Q Programmable Pill Dispenser solves Medication Errors

Medication Errors can be solve with a Programmable pill Dispenser

Medication errors solved with a programmable pill dispenser

alarm pill dispenserTwo-thirds of Americans take at least one prescription. In fact a programmable pill dispenser is critical.  Nobody will deny that 60%are  taking three every day. This information was provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention . Not to mention, 10% take five prescriptions. In my opinion this number will get bigger as they get older.

Use Med-Q programmable pill dispenser for over-the-counter medication and supplements.

MED-Q pill dispenser

It is a fact that Medication errors can be a recipe for disaster.

Furthermore mixing pills may be leaving patients worse off than before they started. “The stakes are pretty high for the seniors who are taking many medications,” says Dr. Gerardo Moreno, assistant professor of family medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine.  The school helps seniors manage medications.  Last but not leas there’s a risk of drug-drug interactions.

Namely, medication management can be done with the help of a programmable pill dispenser. By the way management can be done with some other type of pill pill box reminder

By the same token a pill box can prevent mixing your pills. The dangers from a medication cocktail, is called polypharmacy,.  Wherefore this can lead to ER visits.  As well as, hospital stays .  Coupled with a worsening of the disease. An example would be acetaminophen.  It’s the active ingredient in Tylenol. Large doses can cause liver damage.  Especially if used  in different pill combinations..

The reasons for poly-pharmacy are many.

Med-Q Smart Pill Box Reminder is the Smart pill box with alarmOlder patients see different health care professionals. There is limited communication between the two of them.  Again this can lead to medication overlapping.  By the same token,  medication errors. Modern Medicine usually prescribe first.  Subsequently the find out about other medications the senior is taking later.  However, many times, not at all.   An example, TV advertising by pharmaceutical firms causes many seniors to request the advertised drugs. Nevertheless they are disappointed if they don’t work.

Medication errors have a detrimental effect

MED-Q Automatic Pill DispenserIt can be said that Medication errors can have good or a bad effects. Particularity depending on mixture and dosing. Forgetting and over dosing is a big problem. An electronic programmable pill dispenser can solve that portion of the problem.  This is done by controlling medication combinations

However, the problem can not be solved with out effort.  Coupled with attention to detail. In fact medication combinations must be tracked carefully. Communication is vital.  This being said, a  pill dispensers is critical. Paying close attention to detail will lead to better outcomes.  This will translate to an improved Quality of Life. To Sum up, MED-Q Pill Box, the Best Automatic Pill Dispenser.

weekly pill dispenser
Med-Q SMART Pillbox with alarms
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