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Programmable Pill Alarm for grandma forgetting pills problem

Med-Q Programmable Pill Alarm with an Alarm for Grandma forgetting pills


Grandma needs a Programmable Pill Alarm

Programmable Pill Alarm
Programmable Pill Alarm

 A smart Programmable Pill Alarm is the most important tool in preventing medication errors.  Is Mom forgetting pills. Is Dad forgetting medication?   Are they using an Old fashion Pill box?  If the answer is Yes, they need to make a switch.  With up to 90% of seniors making medication error, a smart pill reminder is a must. Med-Q Programmable Pill Alarm uses triple alarms to prevent grandma forgetting pills.  In addition, Mom and Dad from making med errors.

Mom Forgetting Pills is normal

Programmable Pill Alarm
MED-Q Programmable Pill Alarm

The only question is , "How Many Pills is mom Forgetting"?     If the answer is one or more you need a smart pill reminder.  Old fashion pillboxes are nothing more than a pill organizer.  It does nothing to remind your mom to take her pills.  The Med-Q Programmable Pill Alarm uses Cutting edge technology to solve med problem 

The Center for Disease Control has shown that over 125 Thousand people die each year for medication mistakes.  The number of deaths in third behind cancer and heart disease.  A Smart Pill reminder is your first line of defense for Good health and Independence.

Med-Q Smart Programmable Pill Alarm Life Saving Features gives Quality of Life and Independence

Med-Q saves more than Lives.  The average Assisted living Facility in the United States is over 40 Thousand dollars a year.  For many this may as well be 40 Billion. The cost is out of reach.  The American Assisted Living Association estimates that in 4 admits a premature. If the senior could take their mess properly, the Assisted Living population would drop by 25%.  Using a Programmable Pill Alarm will keep your loved ones at home longer and delay the huge costs that are coming..

med-q programmable pill alarmGrandma Forgetting pills has gone from nuisance to real problem. 

 Peoria, IL) Sandy K. Our  grandma is 90 years old this February. Grandma's forgetting pills was getting worse.  She started to forget her prescription medications an supplement.  Sometimes she gets confused if she had already taken them.  Sometimes she double doses.   Grandma thinks it is not a problem and Denies the forgetting and overdosing.

We started to give her Ginko Biloba and Omega 3 to help with memory. 

What are the alternative medicine for this illness? First, She uses a tension pill in the morning. Second, A few hours later we give her Biloba. Third, At night we also give her Omega-3.  Is this all right?  Finally, it did not help her at all.

alzheimer's forgetting medicationAlternative treatments for Alzheimer's and Dementia

We do know that grandma forgetting pills can be fatal.   The same applies to Mom forgetting pills and your Dad Forgetting Medication.  The Need for a pill box with alarm or some type of pill clock is crucial.   There are things that people take to improve memory.  None of those things are going to stop  Alzheimer's it.  Even prescription medications at this point only slow the progression, not reverse it.

Grandma forgetting Pills can Be solves with the Smart Pillbox

1, 2, 3 or 4 Daily Reminders

Make sure it is dementia and not some other  problem.   Grandma can sometimes mimic the same sort of symptoms.. Depression can also sometimes mimic dementia, but unlike dementia it can be reversed and the apparent mental losses can come back.  Forgetting depression medication is another place for the MED-Q pill box with alarm.

As far as what is alright to mix with alternative treatments, there is no scientific studies that have been done. Her Grandma was taking prescription meds for Grandma's dementia so we didn't add any alternative treatments to that. I suspect that she took some before she was diagnosed, but that was back when it was secretive from all the kids and grand kids so we have no idea what Grandma was taking.Smart Pill Alarm

programmable pill alalrm
bestprogrammable pill dispenser alarm timer

Med-Q Pill Box is dedicated to preventing grandma forgetting pill problems.  Take control of grandma's forgetting pills  today

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