Why is a Dementia Medication Timer Box so important?

medication timer box
Dementia Medication Timer Box

(Spokane, WA) Caregivers worry about loved ones accidentally overdosing on prescription medication. Again, the problem is worse with dementia suffers. First, this issue we hear about all the time. Second, the consequences are truly shocking.  Third, why a Smart medication timer box is so important. Finally, Minor medication errors can be dangerous, debilitating and sometimes, even fatal.

Why An automatic Medication Timer box with alarms for Dementia?

Dementia is a disease that will robs memory. Hence, forgetting and over dosing on prescription medications is going to get worse.. A Smart Medication Box  with alarms is used for mom forgetting pills or dad forgetting medication.For example,  Senior women take over 60 % of all prescribed medication. To illustrate, mom forgetting her pills can be a big problem.

To illistrate, Health Care research data shows that the number of prescriptions written for older adults averages 15 per person. 83% of seniors over 65 are taking prescription medications. Hence, the need for a medication timer is obvious. Moreover, watch the You Tube Videos and see why an Old fashion pill box will lead to mistakes. The problem is worse with Alzheimer or Dementia

medication timer
Med-Q Smart medication timer with Lite-Box Guides and Triple Alarms

For example, a modern smart pill dispensers can prevent up to 125,000 premature deaths every years. Did you know that 1 in 10 ER visits is for medication errors. The World Health Organization estimates that 90% of Seniors make medication errors on a regular basis.

The Best Care Giver tool for Dementia Suffers


Caregivers need a Prescription Pill timer that actually works.  This will lighten the caregivers work load and reduce stress and worry. By the same token,  medication timer means they will not forget to take their pills. To sum up, using a old fashion PillBox , you can expect mistakes.

Managing difficult dementia behaviors

The hard truth: the person with dementia can’t change the way he or she is.

First, there are changes that must be made. Hence forth, you have to change behavior and understanding. Second, the reactions to the environment or situation will also change. Again, putting the patient first in your thought process is critical. Finally, reassuring brings anxiety, upset, as well as other stress factors down a notch or two. Let you loved one know:

Medication Timer Box to Prevent Dementia Over dosing
Smart Medication Timer Box to Prevent Dementia Over dosing

It has been estimated that over 90% of seniors make medication errors.

Trying to remember times and even days of the week become harder as seniors suffer from AIMM’s (Aged Induced Memory Errors). For example, the problem with AIMM’s will get worse over time.

When a spouse is lost the problem is compounded. Medq Medication timer is the 21st Century solution to an age old problem, forgetting to take you pills. Start your MedQ Smart pill box trial today.

  • Lets try to communicates
  • I’m on your side.
  • I take you seriously.
  • Not feeling understood makes anyone stressed out

Are caregivers allowed to administer medications?

Non licensed Caregivers can not give medications. So, the no family aides cannot administer the prescription medications and supplements. However, they are able to help the individual to take their own medications. Only “certified unlicensed personnel” in a licensed Residential Care Home are permitted to administer meds (besides nurses).

Showing emotional agitaion will only makes matters worse.

For example, if you put the other person on the defensive. In fact, this will only increase the instability. The results, a more combative as well as less cooperative individual. Individuals with dementia are hyper-sensitive to others’ moods. There will be constant mirroring of other’s demeanor. If you’re upset, they will often copy your behavior and become more upset.

Try to be calm and reassuring. In short, this behavior will give you have a much better chance of transmitting that state. To sum up, don’t assume they’ll forget your anger. Research suggests that although people with dementia quickly forget what was said, the emotional impact of an encounter (whether it was negative or positive) lingers for much longer. Med-Q Smart Medication box offers the three articles for pointers and help with Dementia :

treat difficult dementia behaviors
dementia behaviors

What is the best way to reassure the Dementia Sufferer

Try to Collect yourself as well as do whatever works

Try to learn what is useful. In addition, develop a personal “go to” strategy Typical examples: Take a deep breath. Count to yourself to five. Have a “silent scream in your head” out in the garage. Finally, remind yourself, “It’s not her (or him); it’s the dementia disease!”

med-q medication timer

med-q medication timer for Dementia

When using a Smart Render keep in mind that there are proper ways of storing medicines

Fact, medication will not work if not taken as prescribed by the doctor. Consequently, forgetting and overdosing will lead to negative outcomes. In short, the same can be said if Dementia meds are not stored properly. For example:

  • First, heat, air, light as well as moisture may hurt the effectiveness of the medicine
  • Second, keep you smart medication box in a cool, dry place
  • Third, take your medicine out of the bathroom medicine cabinet
  • Finally, tablets as well as capsules are damaged by heat and moisture
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