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MED-Q prescription pill reminder memory problems

Med-Q  prescription pill reminder  for memory problems

Prescription pill reminder for Confusion, Forgetfulness as well as Memory problems.

Med-Q prescription pill reminder memory problems solves the confusions and forgetfulness that comes with age.  Most seniors have a condition called AIMM’s (Age Induced medication Mistake).  This is a typical part of the aging process.  We all know that forgetting where you set your cars keys is a minor inconvenience.  Forgetting life saving medications is no small matter.

Med-Q Smart Pill Reminder with Alarms to the Rescue

Med-Q Smart Pill Reminder with alarms and timers assists you in finding some of the conditions that memory problems can cause.  With senior’s experiencing  confusion, forgetfulness, memory problems and poor concentration , the chances for mistakes are huge.  Hence the need for Med-Q  prescription medication reminder.  This is not your Grandma’s old fashion medication organizer.

Signs of confusion, forgetfulness memory problems and poor concentration

forgetfulness memory problems and poor concentrationThe list below has warning signs to look out for.  Some of these signs are beyond basic memory issues.  The y may include Alzheimer;s and Dementia.  These are illness as and are not part of the normal aging process.

Med-Q prescription pill reminder memory problems leads to side effects

Medication side effects form improper dosing include:

Types of nausea that include vomiting, as well as stomach upset and weakness.  Miss-Dosing can lead to dizziness and even seizures.  Not taking you Depression medication properly can lead to painful sadness that will interfere with your daily life.

Alzheimer’s disease is kind of dementia that will cause memory loss.  This is not because of medication errors.  A prescription pill reminder may be helpful, but it will not cure the disease.
medication reminder alarms
Dementia that was caused by a head injury may cause memory problems that leads to medication mistakes.

Normal age induced medication mistakes or AIMM’s.  Age-related forgetfulness  occurs in men and women after the age  of 55.

Sponsored by Med-Q Medication reminder with Timer

MED-Q pill dispenser

Transient global amnesia is a sudden loss of memory not related to medication.
People who are experiencing degrees of Schizophrenia are in serious   This  mental illness can lead to hallucinogenic thoughts.
Vitamin B12 deficiency
What happens if you are not getting enough Vitamin B12.  You may feel fatigued as well as weak.

Strokes can lead to memory issues.  A stroke is when blood and oxygen to the brain are cut off.  This leads  confusion and many more issues.

Automatic pill dispenser with alarms
Postconcussive syndrome is when the symptoms of a concussion as well as other types of brain injury keep occurring.

Short-acting sedative use leads to drowsiness, vertigo, muscle weakness an even experiencing  double vision.,
Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)
Low blood sugar, or low glucose levels, causes shakiness, anxiety, clammy skin, irritability, hunger, and more.
Drug overdose

A drug overdose can be fatal and causes sleepiness, confusion, coma, vomiting, and other symptoms.  A smart prescription pill reminder with alarms can help in this are.

Bipolar disorder will cause extreme mood swings between low depression and high .mania.  Using a pill reminder with alarms can help make sure you take the meds that are needed to control the problem.

Chronic kidney disease is a condition of the kidneys that can cause high blood pressure, fatigue, and weakness.  This has been successfully treated with medications.  Again, this is a place where a medication reminder is an important health tool.

Med-Q prescription pill reminder memory problems  can be solved.

  We all know that  confusions and memory problems came with getting older.  Even though most seniors suffer with Age Induced medication Mistake, you can take a proactive stance.  Even though forgetting  is a typical part of the aging process, you need to prevent medication errors that it will cause.  .  We all know that forgetting to take out the trash is a small matter.  This being said,   Forgetting life saving medications can,  and often is fatal.

Med-Q Smart Pill Dispenser with alarms

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