Prescription Medicine can mean the difference between life and Death

Prescription Medicine can mean the difference between life and Death

Do you feel like your daily schedule is pulling you in a hundred different directions?  

Are you juggling the day’s responsibilities?  To make matters worse, you have to remember to take your daily prescription Medications each day.  Some people have 6 or 7 different times they need to take their pills thorough out the day.

The fact of the matter,  trying to keep up on your prescription medications, OTC Pills (over-the-counter), as well as vitamin treatments can be a hard at best. There is no reason to Fear. There proven methods that will help Individuals remember to take your their pills on time and in the correct doses.  Modern tools, such as smart pill organizer with alarms as well as telephone reminder services can help greatly. Prescription Medicine

Know Your Loved One’s Prescription Medication

As your loved one get older, they will develop AIMM’s.  What this means is that they are much more likely to forget or miss dose with their medications. These mistakes, the medical rem is Non Compliance, can result in major problem.  It may even be fatal.

With a individual being prescribed many different medications  by a variety of different health care professionals, it is an accident waiting to happen.  Needless to say,  treating illness in the elderly are essential.  The down side, taking multiple medications poses many risks.

Polypharmacy is when Men or Women are taking too many prescription medications or vitamins.

It is dangerous to practice this kind of behavior. The fact of the matter is that medications t may put individuals at risk for negative drug interactions. This problem is certainly not unique.  The fact, the problems are widespread through out the senor community.  The issue is the most dangerous among the senior population (65 plus years old).   For example, With proper  organization, (EX. smart pill organizer with alarms)  and the use of other  modern technology,  many of the issues can be solved.  Med-Q Pill Organize can not stress the importance of these errors not complications your loved one health and Independence.

As a potential caregiver and advocate for your loved one, it is important to be aware of his or her prescriptions and to acquire the knowledge you will need to assist your loved one with medication management, should this become necessary.

For every medication taken, ensure that both you and your loved one know the answers to the following questions:

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