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Smart Pillbox with Alarms

Med-Q Smart PillBox with Alarms for Seniors 

Smart Pill Reminder for Seniors
MedQ Smart Pill Reminder to the Rescue

Med-Q Smart PillBox with Alarms keeps Seniors at Home

Modern Technology has crated many aids that Help You Stay Home Longer.  Med-Q Smart Pill reminder is the #1 tool that is used in medication management.  With up to 25% of all assisted living and nursing home admits being premature, the importance of the Med-Q Smart Pillbox with alarms can not be understated.

Seniors Biggest fear…..death?  Not the case. 

The number 1 overwhelming fear that a senior has is moving out of their homes.  That is why Med-Q Smart Pillbox with Alarms was designed.   Ninety-five percent of people 75 and older say they want to stay in their homes indefinitely.  This desire for independence is perfectly natural, but for their children, it’s also a recipe for worry — that they’ll fall, forget to take their meds, or just need assistance. You can make your parents’ home far safer and more comfortable by investing in the Med-Q Smart Pillbox with Alarms. You can give loved ones the ability to “age in place.

Smart Pill Reminder for Seniors

MedQ Smart Pill Reminder with Alarms to the Rescue

Seniors can really get in trouble if the forget to take their prescription medications.  The consequences of medication mistakes will be that start of losing their Independence.   Mom forgetting pills or dad forgetting medication is no laughing mater.  The American Assisted Living Association has estimated that a full 25 Percent of admits are directly related to medication errors.  When Med-Q Smart pill box with alarms is used by seniors to manage their medication properly.  This in turn will keep them in their own homes

Smart Pill Reminder

smart pill reminder

smart pill reminder

Mom Forgetting Pills and Dad forgetting medication is getting worse.

Med-Q  Smart Pillbox with alarms or some type of smart pill dispenser should be part of you loved one’s medication strategy.  Regardless of the power of their medication, they will not work if not taken in the right amounts at the right times

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