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What is a PillBox Reminder Dispenser

Amazing MedQ PillBox Reminder

 PillBox Reminder with Lite-Box Flashing Guides. 

Med-Q Automatic Pillbox Reminder for Breast Cancer Medications

“All-In-One” Triple Alarm, Programmable Pillbox with BEEPING Reminders and FLASHING Guides.

 As easy as 1-2-3, the MED-Q pillbox reminder is the simple as well as cost effective medication pill box reminder for the Early and Middle stages of Alzheimer’s.

The “cutting Edge” LED- LITE-BOX Technology will only FLASH the pillbox holding the prescriptions and vitamins that needs to be taken. In fact, the Alarms repeat every 30 minutes until the meds have Been Taken and the next alert has been activated..

The 21st Century, Modern Medication Reminder that makes forgetting or even worse, over dosing virtually impossible.

The Automatic Pillbox Reminder for Dad comes in two different colors.  The two different colors, allows two people in the same house to use the Med-Q Pill Box without confusing their medications. The Blue has a single beep sound.  While the White has a double beep sound.  This way two different users will know when it is their time to take one owns meds

You can see the way to set your Med-Q Pill Organizer.  After you have programed your Med-Q the Best Pill Organizer Repeats it’s alarms every Day Automatically.

pillbox reminder

pillbox reminder

pillbox reminder

best automatic pill dispenser

The Best Automatic Pill Dispenser Machine for Breast Cancer

breast cancerThe Most up to date research shows that most people that have cancer often times will have a lot of problems sticking with their Health Care Professional’s medication treatment regiment.  Taking your prescription as well as supplements as directed by your Doctor is the best way to ensure that you benefit the most from your medical treatment. Although 4-5 years (and may times even more) may seem like a long a very, very drawn out period of time.  The fact of the matter is that studies have been done to determine how long a medication should be taken to give the most benefit and the consequences of stopping your treatment early..

To stay on the proper medication schedule don’t try to rely on owns own memory. Even when men and women really believe that they’ve remembered to take the meds, the are wrong.  The statics are truly shocking. Research shows that when people with breast cancer reported on how well they stayed with their treatment program, many had stayed on their regimen a lot less than they thought they did.

Med-Q Best PillBox Reminder with Alarm is the Best new Pill Organizer Box

 Finally, MEd-Q has brought you the “All-In-One” Programmable Pillbox Reminder. In fact,MED-Q is not only a Pill Box. It is also a Pill Organizer and Pill Dispenser, combined into one Safe, Reliable as well as Affordable medication reminder. The MED-Q Medication Reminder is your own personal Automatic Electronic Pillbox that virtually eliminates fthe forgetting medication problem.  It also can solve the double/triple dosing a problems .  The BEEPING Reminders and FLASHING Guides makes it so. Where else can such a small investment have such a huge impact on your loved ones Health and Independence.