Med-q pill clock alarm

Programmable Pill Alarm for Dads High Bold Pressure

Programmable Pill Alarm for Dads High Blood Pressure

Programmable Pill Alarm There are 100’s of different types of Programmable pill alarm

There is a much smaller number of smart pill boxes with alarms.  The one that suits you Dad’s’s special needs is definitely the one that should be used. We are currently in the Golden era of medication. Diseases that were  fatal in the past, are now manageable and very often even curable. The problem with pills is that Dad can’t remember to take them at the right times . You don’t have to be a genius to know that Pills don’t if you don’t take them. Picking the right pill boxes with alarms can mean the difference between life and death. 

Programmable Pill AlarmSimple Pill alarm machines to choose

There has been basic pillboxes has been around for centuries. The very old pillboxes was a simple container for holding pills. It was nothing more than a small box. This was used for Hundreds of years. The invention of plastics in the  Fifty’s changed that.  A Seven day pill box is a rectangular pillbox with Seven compartments.

Programmable Pill Alarm for Dads High Bold Pressure
pill box for alzheimer’s

 Each compartment is marked for each day of the week.

The goal, put your pills and supplements into the pillboxes daily compartment, one for each day of the week.  Simply take the pills that are in that days box on that day. Example, if today was Sunday, you would take the pills in the box with the Letter “S” stamped on it.

These old fashion pillboxes have been proven to be fairly ineffective. The statistic show that medication errors with this pill box are rampant. These boxes are a good pill organizer, however do nothing to help you remember your prescription medications.

Smart Pill Boxes with alarms

Modern technology has replace the old fashion pill organizer with a 21st century design to eliminate the forgetting and over dosing problems. This new type of pill box comes equipped with alarms that will remind the user when to take their pills. The World Health Organization has reported that people make medication mistakes up tom 90% of the time. The mistakes lead to over 250,000 deaths per year in the US.

Automatic Dispensing pill boxes with alarms

Programmable Pill Alarm
Programmable Pill Alarm

Automatic Dispensing pill boxes with alarms are a new type of pill box. This pill organizer is used to store and then dispense the pills. The user would Program their Automatic Dispensing pill box for the time they take their pills. When the time arrives the pill box will drop the pills into a small cup. You just pick up the cup and take the pills that are in it. Very simple and easy to use. The downside is the cost. These pill organizers start out at around 300 dollars. The peak at about 1000 dollars.  No Matter which one you pick for yourself, just pick one. Finally, Med-Q Smart Pill Boxes with alarms can save your loved one’s live.

Pillbox for High Blood Pressure.  MedQ Pillbox Prevents Heart Attacks.

A smart pillBox is vital because not taking high blood pressure pills be fatal.   Robert W. of Janesville WI asked us: My dad forgets his medication all the time.   Is there anything I can do to help?”  The answer is Yes. 

Dad was diagnosed with Hypertension  a few years ago.

 Here is the problem.  Senior suffer from AIMM’s (Age Induced medication Mistakes).  This is common and perfectly normal and will get worse as they age.   He was forgetting his pills at least three times a week.  To make up for the missed doses he would take all three at one time.  The doctor said that this could actual cause a heart attack of stroke.  We were at wits end until we found the MedQ smart Pillbox.  He doesn’t take his meds seriously

Med-Q Smart Pillbox to the Rescue

Here’s the Good News.  High blood pressure can be diagnosed very easily.  Medication, Diet and Life style can virtually eliminate HB problems.  People with high blood pressure are prescribed medication to help lower blood pressure levels.  The problem, the forget to take them.  This is what Was happening to Robert’s dad.  His Dad forgetting medication wound up putting him in the hospital.  

Medications only work if taken correctly,

MedQ Smart Pillbox is more than a medication Box.  This smart medication timer uses LED LITE-BOX technology and tripe alarms to make forgetting and overdosing impossible.  MedQ Smart Pill Dispenser means taking the right pills at the right time.   Robert’s Dad forgetting medication was not like dad forgetting to take out the trash or where he left his keys.

  This is a problem that leads to over 125 Thousand Premature deaths each and every year.  To put that in to perspective, Two fully loaded 747 Airplanes crashing EVERY DAY.  Medication mistakes results are truly shocking.

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