MED-Q Pill Reminders for Dementia Patients

Pill Reminders for Dementia Patients

Pill Reminders for Dementia Patients
Best AM PM Pill Box Reminder for Elderly

Pill reminders for dementia patients is a Caregiver Innovation

Pill Reminders for Dementia Patients is just one of the new technological invocations that makes living with dementia a little easier.  Dementia has had an impact on Individuals across the world.  The problem is as old as people the ages. This being said, at the present t there is no cure  , it has brought new innovations which can ease the care giver’s  workload as well as keeping the Dementia sufferer safe as well as comfortable.Pill Reminders for Dementia

med-q smart pill box


 Technological Tips for Those with Dementia

Pill Reminders for Dementia
Pill Reminders for Dementia Patients

Technology for Caregivers and Those Living with Dementia can help a lot.  Learning more about modern innovations and how they can lessen the Caregivers workload as well as improve the Independence of Senior citizens.

Alzheimer’s and dementia are a horrible disease.  Many time, it may seem overwhelming.  This is the same for the caregiver as well as the person who is living with the disease.  However, new technologies can help ease anxiety, establish routine, and improve the quality of life for everyone involved.

This kind of technology is called “assertive technology” and can promote independence and autonomy, manage potential safety risks around the home and reduce stress.

Pill Reminders for Dementia PatientsHere are some high top tech innovations for people with Dementia as well as their caregivers:

1. Automatic Pill Dispensers with alarms

As the US population ages, more and more medication is needed to keep people healthy.  The average 65 year old takes 6-8 prescription pis every day.  This does not include any type of Vitamin or supplement.  Suffering with Alzheimer’s as well as dementia makes the problem hundreds of times worse   Using an Automatic Pill Dispensers with alarms can instantly  solve the forgetting and overdosing problems.  Modern pill dispensers will have built in audio and visual reminder.  The new generation of pill boxes can be programmed to the users individual medication schedule.

Best Pillbox for Mom 2. Reminder Messages

Reminders can help keep properties and loved ones safe when the caregiver can’t. These messages are recorded on a device in the home and then played back out loud at the appropriate time. For example, a caregiver may record a message to play that reminds a person to take a medication at the correct time. Some devices can play messages depending on the person’s activity. For example, if a person with dementia leaves their home, a reminder message could tell them to lock the front door. This technology can also remind both caregiver and patient of appointments. Other reminder messages can also let those who have dementia know not to open the door, to go back to bed and to provide reassurance when the caregiver is not present.

2. Clocks

Clocks specifically designed for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia can help ease anxiety associated with a diagnosis. Someone who has dementia may confuse night and day and an easy to read clock can help them distinguish the time. This can also help caregivers who are trying to set a routine by showing their loved one that it actually is the time they say it is.

automatic pill dispensers with alarms
automatic pill dispensers with alarms

3. Medication Management

Medication management technology can be as simple as a pillbox marked with days of the week, or as high tech as automated pill dispensers which beep and open to remind caregivers and those with dementia to take their medication. Some medication reminders are also as simple as a vibrating alarm on a watch. This technology serves the busy caregiver well by allowing them to trust the device for a medication reminder.

Med-Q Smart Pill dispenser is a senior’s best friend

Tulsa OK)  An Smart Pill dispenser came to Mike K’s aid.  MED-Q, the Smart Pill dispenser has solved the crisis in Mike’s parents house.  The problem, “mom forgetting pills and Dad forgetting depression medication”.  Not to mention, the quality of theirs lives were plummeting. Moreover, we thought we were going to have to move them into assisted living.  Equally important, we found that the costs are staggered.

This is where the Electronic Pill Dispenser came to the rescue.

Because of Mike’s mom forgetting pills  As a result she was going down hill. In effect, his dad was also unable to cope.  Inasmuch,  because Dad was forgetting depression medication.  We were desperate.  Henceforth,  Med-Q Smart Pill box alarms made it easy for them to take their prescription meds.  Of course we got the blue pill box for mom and the white one for Dad.   Equally important, they have  different sounding alarms  Explecioty done with the e intention of them knowing when it it their time.

The nurse inspired design is how the different feature were designed.  

Actual patient told RN’s what they wanted.  The Med-Q Pillbox think tank was created.  After several years of testing different prototypes, the Med-Q was finalized.  Our Pillbox is the answer to forgetting and double dosing or even worse.

Our Smart Prescription dispenser is easy to use for all ages.  The set it and never forget it, design means no more med mistakes.  The is a great Alzheimer’s pill alarm for sufferers in the early and middle stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia.  With the Med-Q  Smart pill dispenser there are No decisions.

Med-Q Smart Mediction Dispenser is a PillBox with Alarm.

An easy to use Medication reminder will help keep Mike’s Mom and Dad at home.  Med-Q Smart Pill Dispenser’s goal was to help senior stay at home.  Base on our customers testimonials, the goal has been met.

4. GPS Location and Tracking Devices

Location tracking devices are a great option for those who have Alzheimer’s or dementia and may wander. Tracking devices can be worn or attached to the person in some way and many have alert systems that let a caregiver know if their loved one has left a certain area. This type of technology can also alert emergency personnel to ensure a speedy and safe recovery.

5. Picture Phones

Specifically designed for people who cannot remember phone numbers and may need to contact someone quickly. These phones have large numbers and are pre-programmable with frequently called phone numbers. Some of the phones come with clear buttons where photos can be placed so that the person can just push the button associated with the photos to call their loved one quickly.

automatic pill dispensers with alarms
automatic pill dispensers with alarms

6. Electrical Use Monitoring

This new piece of technology is specifically designed for caregivers who do not live with their loved ones. It monitors their use of electrical appliances by plugging into a wall outlet or power strip and will alert caregivers if their commonly used appliances have not been turned on or off.

Technologies like the ones listed above do not make an Alzheimer’s diagnosis easy.

The disease is still devastating. But, with new technologies being developed, Alzheimer’s and dementia is more manageable than ever before.

Pill Reminders for Dementia Patients is just one of the new technology  that improves the lifes of people with dementia? 

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To sum up, Picking the right Pill Reminders for Dementia Patients is no easy task. smart pill box with alarms


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