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pill reminder

Pill Reminder for Dad Forgetting Medication


Med-Q Pill Reminder for Dad forgetting Medication

No more plastic medication box to remember your pills

MedQ “Smart” Pill Reminder  to the rescue.  Is Dad Forgetting medication?.  Does he need a Smart PillBox?  Remember, even the most simple med errors can cause huge problems.  

The MedQ Smart Pill reminder is your answer. 

MED-Q Smart Pill box is the first line of defense for good heath and independence.  The Wall Street Journal has called the forgetting problem, “America’s other Drug problem”  The World Health Organization estimates that up to 90% of seniors make medication errors on a regular basis.  It is not unusual to experience Dad Forgetting Medication of Mom forgetting pills.  The problem will get worse as they age.

MedQ the Smart Pill reminder to the rescue.   In 2012 Just Plain Better,Inc,was formed to explore a better pillbox.  The Phoenix based think tank, developed the 21st Century,ultimate smart pill box after years of testing.  Many different prototypes were tested in Assisted living facilities.  Actual seniors were used to help create the Genius design. Not much bigger than a  paperback book and a weight of only 11 oz, the Medication timer is easy to handle.  When it’s pill time,, a red light flashes in the individual pillbox compartment holding that times dose.  You can prevent Dad forgetting Medication with The patent pending  LED LITE-BOX Technology.  This is not your Grandpa’s old fashion Pillbox.

Your Smart Pill Reminder will keep Dad at Home

If Your Dad is typical, his biggest fear will surprise you.  Most people would guess, “Death”.  They would be wrong. Dad’s biggest fear is moving out of his home and into Assisted Living.  Your Dad will see this as the beginning of the end.   Med Q Pill reminders will keep him at home as long as possible.

Pill BoxA Smart Pill Reminder for Dad forgetting Medication is the First Line of Defense for Good health and well being.  Simply load your Dad’s pill box once every two weeks and the Smart medication timer will do the rest.   The loud alarms makes it virtually impossible not to hear. The flashing lights will guide your dad to the correct dose.  You can make forgetting, double/triple dosing or even worse a thing of the past


pill reminder

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