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pill reminder

Pill Reminder Box with Alarm is a Senior Necessity

Pill Reminder box with Alarms for Parents

Memory will start to fail when we age.  A  Pill Reminder Box with Alarms becomes a critical toll in medication management.    A Brilliantly designed pill reminder box with alarms is way more than a just a dumb, old fashion, pill box. 

Why do Loved Ones Need a Pill Reminder Box?

Even someone who is careful ends up forgetting to take their medication or accidentally overdosing.

 The problem is bigger than most seniors will admit to.  Mom forgetting medications or Dad forgetting pills is very common.  Alzheimer’s forgetting medication will get worse as the disease progresses.  A pill reminder box with alarms is the tool that senior must have to manage their prescription medication.

With afflictions such as diabetes, blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, depression, the need for your own persona pill reminder with alarms is a must have.  If the children of the seniors are worried as well as stressed out, a smart pill reminder is the perfect solution  They need a pill box that will remind the, not just be a pill organizer.medication box

MED-Q Pill reminder box with alarms  has been created to address the issue.

Pill reminderMED-Q has created a pill reminder box with alarms that is a pill organizer alarm system.  Three separate alarms work together to ensure no more forgetting and or overdosing.  After you program the pill reminder box with alarms to your chosen times and the MED-Q pill dispenser does the rest.  Just fill the Pillbox with alarms.   MED-Q PillBox will take care of the rest for the user.  At the programmed time, the beeping alarm sound will start as well as flashing  in the pillbox holding that time’s pills. 

 No Medication decisions, means No Medication Mistakes.

 The only steps needed after loading the best pill dispenser is to listen for the beeping or watch for the flashing. .  Med-Q has made it virtually impossible for aging parents to forget or double dose on their medication.  The MED-Q  Pill Boxes are the base of a medication plan

prescription drug (also prescription medication or prescription medicine) is a pharmaceutical drug that legally requires a medical prescription to be dispensed. In contrast, over-the-counter drugs can be obtained without a prescription. Medication take properly will lead to good health outcomes   Of course you must refill you pill organizer every week.

Med-Q Pill Reminder box with alarms has a Manufacturer’s suggest Retail price of $69.95 and is available on many websites.

pill reminder box

pill reminder box

pill reminder box

pill reminder box