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pill reminder

Hearing Impaired Pill Reminder System

Med-Q Hearing Impaired Pill Reminder System

The Amazing Med-Q Hearing Impaired Pill Reminder System

One of the Biggest challenges our design staff faced was creating a Hearing Impaired Pill Reminder that caters to people with hearing problems.   After all, a smart pill box that someone cannot hear is worthless. This is why the Smart Pill Box with Removable Daily Pill Boxes has a flashing LED light system,  In fact the addition to the audio pill box reminder feature.

Visual Led-Lite Medication Box Reminder

 Even if someone cannot hear very well, they will still see the very bright, constantly flashing lights. Anything less amounts to an unreliable pill box systemSeniors deserve more from the smart pill box you trust to help care for your loved one. In this way, the Med-Q Hearing Impaired Pill Reminder System is your eyes and ears when you can’t be there to care for your loved one.

hearing impaired pill reminder

hearing impaired pill reminder

hearing impaired pill reminder

Why you Need Deaf Individuals need a Smart Pill Box

Hearing Impaired Pill Reminder
Med-Q Smart Pill Box

What if you miss a pill.  Every one is going to miss a pill now and then.  This will happen to the most responsible pill takers.  The more complex the  to the protocol with many different types of pills leads to errors.  People often miss a day and then double the dose the following day. Other times, one could continue taking the prescription pills to see if therewith regular doses and watch for side effects. Be certain you ask your pharmacist what to  if you miss a pill.  If you Need Help with Remembering Your Meds, the Hearing Impaired Pill Reminder System you can do it.

Many types of Pills, an example of which would be birth control, needs to be taken every 24 hours and many other medications need to be taken at the same time each day.   People often keep their pills in their purse, wallet as well as car glove compartment, but you need to make certain that is a safe environment for them.  Often, pills and supplements needs to be kept at room temperature .  Keep them from direct exposure to intense heat or cold can ruin them or even make them dangerous Pills might need to be kept at a certain temp, such as in the refrigerated. It is very important to know what temperatures are appropriate for storing your medication.

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