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pill reminder

Smart Pill Reminder for Senior Meds

Smart Pill Reminder makes Decisions for You

The Smart Pill Reminder alarm beeps and the LITE-BOX will flash in the compartment holding the dose that needed to be taken.  The flashing will only happen at the exact time.  By simply taking the medication in the Flashing Medication Timer, there is no chance of a  mistake.  

Did I take Them??  Did I forget??

You Can Make Sure.  No Decisions means No Mistakes.  Set your Smart Pill Reminder and Never forget.   MedQ Smart Pill box alarms will get louder and louder for 5  full Minutes.    Miss a Pill?…No Problem.   MedQ Smart PillBox repeats it’s full alarm cycle every 30 Minutes until the pills have been taken.   The FLASHING LITE-BOX  guides the user to the exact dose at the exact time.

Designed to help the Caregiver

It is estimated that over 31 Million people are taking care of family or friends.  this number is sure to rise.  The Smart pill reminder is the tool needed to make sure of proper medication.  Mom forgetting pills? Dad Forgetting medication is more than a nuisance.  These type of med mistakes can destroy the Quality of life .  Your MedQ Smart Pill Reminder should be your first part of a “good health plan“.

Try the Smart pill reminder in your own home for 30 days , Risk free.  If you don’t think it is the perfect solution to forgetting and overdosing, simply return it for a 100% refund.  However, we are sure you will love your MedQ Smart Pill Reminder and wonder how you ever lived with out it MedQ remembers, so you don’t have to.