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Pill Reminder with alarms is your Home Med Solution

MedQ Pill Reminder With Alarms

Modern Pill Reminder with Alarms for Mom

Med-Q Pill Reminder with alarms
Med-Q Pill Reminder with alarms

 Med-Q Pill Reminder with alarms is a triple alarm system, all rolled up in one.   21st Century Auto Pill Reminder with alarms is a true life saver.  The reviews for female users are voicing opinions such as, “Why didn’t you come up with this before”  or  “Mom is finally taking her pills at the right times and in the right quantity”.


 Med-Q Prescription Reminder with alarms uses multiple Reminders

Med-Q is the superior pill box for your Family and friends.  Caregivers also are using this device with outstanding results.  It has greatly reduced the caregiver’s work load of the responsibilities of taking  care of their Mom’s medication schedule.  One would be hard pressed to discover such a small cost item that will provide such great relief from forgetting pills.  Taking your meds right means a better Quality of Life.Pill Reminder with alarms

The New Pill Reminder with alarms come standard with many life saving features.

Pill Reminder with alarms The feature that has gotten the most positive response is the repeating feature.  When you alarm sound, the cycle will last five minute.  During this five minutes, the alarms will get louder and louder.  What happens if Mom is out of the house at the time?  No Problems, the smart pill reminder with alarms will repeat every thirty minute until the pills have been taken.  This is particularly important in the early and middle stages of Alzheimer’s

New Medication reminder with alarms  keeps Mom in her own home

The AMERICAN ASSISTED LIVING ASSOCIATION has stated that a full 25% of their admits are because the Senior is making medication mistakes.  Med-Q pill box with alarms is the bets answer!  Try Med-Q risk free in your own home for 30 Days.  If you don’t think it is the best pill box, simply return it for a 100% refund.

Pill Reminder with alarms
MED-Q Pill Box Reminder with alarms




They Need Your Help Pill Box

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Pill Reminder with alarms
Smart Pill Reminder with alarms

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