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Med-Q Pill Reminder for Alzheimer’s


weekly pill box with alarmHow to know if your Loved Ones need a Pill Reminder


Smart Pill Reminder for Alzheimer’s

You must ask yourself, are you worried about your Loved Ones?  Do they seem to be forgetting things more and more often?  Are they forgetting to take their medication  over-dosing?   This is the time to start using a smart pill Reminder for Alzheimer’s.

Best Pill Reminder Choices

Med-Q Smart Pill Reminder for Alzheimer’s uses LITE-BOX Technology and triple alarms to help the Alzheimer’s suffer with their medication. There are talk of a current cure for Alzheimer’s.  In fact,  there are several medications that have shown progress in slowing the progression of the disease.   Two drug companies, Eli Lilly and Biogen, announced new progress in the development of the first drugs to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s. 

  Both drugs help reduce  the buildup of amyloid plaques, which are believed to be the cause of Alzheimer’s.  Researchers found the drugs helped patients with mild symptoms.  The need for a smart pill reminder to administer these pill is very important.Smart Pill Reminder for Alzheimer’s for normal Mild forgetfulness.  weekly pill box with alarm

This is part of the normal a normal part of aging.

 Senior will develop AIMM’s (Age Induced Memory mistakes)  It is typical for seniors to have occasional trouble remembering someone’s name or forgetting a pill once in a while  When memory problems start affecting your daily life, they could be early signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

.When a Loved One Has Alzheimer’s Disease

1. Memory loss

Alzheimer’s induced memory loss is the most common symptom.   Does your Mom forget things she just learned? Does dad lose  track of and names.  Does Grandma forget big things even happened? Does grandpa ask the same question over and over?   Do you rely heavily on memory aids like Post-it notes or a smart Pill reminder?

2. Trouble planning and problem solving

Trouble making plans and sticking to them is a typical symptom.   Is it hard to do something you have done for years? Is it hard to concentrate on tasks. An example, anything   involving numbers?

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3. Daily tasks are a challenge

Even familiar things can become harder and harder . Do you have trouble driving.  Do you get lost easily?   Can you complete an ordinary task at work?   Do you forget how to operate the computer?

4. Times and places are confusing

Can you fully grasp something that’s not happening right now? Are you disoriented? Do you get lost easily? Do you forget where you are? Do you remember how you got there?

5. Changes in vision

It ist harder to read the words and signs?  Judging distance is difficult.   Can you tell colors apart? This is important because it can affect your driving.

programmable pill reminder for alzheimer's

6. Words and conversations are frustrating

Vocabulary becomes hard. Can you find the right word you’re looking for? Or do you call things by the wrong name?

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Dad forgetting medication is going to get worse as their Alzheimer’s progresses. 

Med-Q smart pill reminder for Alzheimer’s or some type of smart pill box should be your first decision for their pills.  Remember, dad forgetting medications is not like forgetting where you put your keys.    Forgetting where you put your keys will not lead to lose of Health and Independence.pill buyer


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