Pill Reminder box for Deaf People

MED-Q Pill Reminder box for Deaf People

Cutting Edge Pill Reminder box for Deaf People

Med-Q  Pill Box with Alarms and Flashing LED LITE-BOX guides ends the wondering if loved ones have taken their Life saving Prescription medications as directed

Med-Q Pill Reminder for Deaf People to the Rescue

pill box for deaf peopleFlashing LED Lite-Box takes away the need for alarms.  Deaf people need only look for the Visual reminder.  The bright Flashing led can be seen through out the house.Just take the Meds IN THE FLASHING Box.

Loud Blasting Alarms are helpful for the hearing impaired.  The alarm starts at 100% volume and over the 5 minute alarm will double in volume.  A great feature for people with partial hearing.

Miss your Pill Time?  With the Pill box for deaf people, problem solved.  Your Smart Pill box with alarms will repeat every 30 Minutes until the haring impaired person has taken their pills.

pill box for deaf people
pill box for deaf people

Automatic Pill Box for Deaf people is a Caregiver’s Best Friend

Med-Q Pillbox is the Simple, Reliable as well as Affordable solution to home medication mistakes.    Once programmed, your the Best Pill Reminder will  Repeat every Day Automatically.

Set Up Videos for Med-Q Pill box for deaf people for 1, 2, 3 or 4 Daily Reminders

Brilliantly designed to mirror their old DUMB Pill Organizer

The Best Auto Pill Organizer for the hearing Impaired

pill box for deaf peopleThe HLAA (Hearing Loss Association of America) invited Med-Q Smart Pill Organizer to show off it’s Cutting Edge design at the Annual Convention.  July in Salt Lake city was an eye opener for the Deaf community..  Med-q is a Flashing Pill organizer with visual reminders.  The Bright flashing LED LITE-Box lets people know when and which prescription to take.  Med-Q’s goal is 100% Medical compliance.  The shocking fact, 90% of seniors make medication errors.  The old fashion, Dumb pill boxes will npt solve the problem..   No Decisions Means No More Mistakes……Just Take the Flashing Box.

Med-Q Best Pill Box for deaf people

  Med-Q, is the Best Pill Box with alarms and Auto Pill Dispenser for people with hearing issues.  The Best Pillbox for Mom and Dad.  Great for Alzheimer’s as well as early and middle stages of Dementia. No more forgetting or over dosing.

pill box for hearing impaired
best automatic pill dispenser

Hearing Impaired Otosclerosis Facts

hat You Should Know About Otosclerosis. The word otosclerosis comes from the ancient Greek word for “hard” (scler-o) and “ear” (oto).   Should Know that  Otosclerosi  is a when there is abnormal growth of excess bone growth around the stapes bone.  This is one of the itty-bitty bones in the ear. This causes the fixation of the  bone. The stapes must be able to freely  move inside the ear for it work properly and prevent from being hearing impaired.

Hearing is not a simple process.

Sound vibrations in the air are funneled by the outer ear into the inner ear. Once in the inner canal , they strike the ear drum.The tiny vibrations makes  the ear drum move. this in turn  transfers the vibrations to 3 three  bones in the middle ear.  These three tiny bones are called,  the malleus (hammer), incus (anvil), and stapes (stirrup).  This will then  move the fluids in motion, which, in turn move the sensory hair cells located n the inner ear.  This is connected to the hearing  nerve.   The hearing nerve will hen carry sound information in the form of electrical impulses to the brain. When any part of this process is broken, hearing is impaired.

The tympanic membrane, also called an eardrum, is a thin membrane that separates the external ear from the middle ear in humans and other animals. It moves sound from the air to the ossicles inside the middle ear. The malleus bone bridges the gap between the eardrum and the other ossicles.


10% of the adult population is impacted by otosclerosis.   Typical symptom is  slowly progressing hearing loss.  It can come between the ages of 18 and 50, but it is most common in the 20-25 year old. The disease targets both women and men a rapid decrease in hearing ability.  55-60% of cases have been found to have a internal genetic predisposition. It can be said that  if an individual with one parent with otosclerosis, they have a 25% chance of getting it. If both parents have it, the risk skyrockets to over 50 %.

Sponsored By Med-Q Smart Pill

med-Q pillbox for deaf
electronic pill box for deaf



Gradual hearing loss. People will begin to notice that they cannot hear whispers. Other symptoms may include dizziness, as well as balance issues.  The other symptoms for the hearing impaired, ringing, roaring, as well as hissing in the ears.

The Hearing Impaired Diagnoses

med-q medication reminder for deafMany of the symptoms can also come from  causes or medical conditions.  People need to get an examination from an  otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat doctor).  The doctor will usually conduct a hearing test. If the otolaryngologist finds hearing loss in the low frequency tones a diagnosis may be made. The otolaryngologist will suggest treatment options.


With mild loss, OTOSCLEROSIS can be solved with a a hearing aid.  It has been found that Sodium fluoride pills  has been found to slow the progression of the disease.  To be effective be sure to use a smart pill box to make sure you take the proper doses. Many times a surgical procedure called stapedectomy can improve hearing for the hearing impaired.

 Med-Q, simply put is America’s Best Pillbox.  A true factor in being able to have a working medication Compliance plan. Deaf and Hearing impaired people need not rely on an Automatic Pill organizer with alarms as the number 1 source of help with their scripts

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