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Pill Reminder Alarm for seniors

Pill Reminder Alarm System Questions

Pill Reminder Alarm for home use.

Pill reminder alarmThe Med-Q Pill Reminder alarm system is a 21st Century solution to an age-old problem.   A smart pill dispenser feature’s ensure the right pills are taken at the right time. 90% of seniors make medication mistakes.  

Pill reminder alarm
Med-Q Pill reminder alarm

Mom forgetting prescription medications will get worse as she gets older.  The old fashion pill boxes have not lowered the 90% figure. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognizes that there is a wide variety of automatic pill dispensers , and the potential benefits that they offer.


What if the Senior is hard of hearing?

Every automatic pill reminder has unique features and the different options.  The Med-Q smart automatic pill reminder has a bright flashing LED Light and a loud beeping medication reminder. The Med-Q Pill Box Alarm gets louder and louder for the hard of hearing.  This is an important life saving feature.   The flashing pill box guides will tell Mom it’s pill time without  hearing the alarm.

pill box with alarms
best automatic pill dispenser

Should I get a smart pill box for my parents?

Our primary buyers are children buying the Med-Q for their Parents. This is for caregiver’s that live far away from their Loved Ones.  Med-Q Pill Reminder replaces phone call reminders.

Med-Q Pill reminder Alarm uses Technology to make forgetting and overdosing virtually impossible.   No more Mom forgetting pills or Dad forgetting medication.Pill reminder alarm


A pill reminder Alarm system is important

med-q pill reminder alarmIf you don’t follow your doctor’s directions and take your  pills as directed, you will not receiving their full benefit. Additionally, many elders have difficulty remembering what meds to take and when to take them.   There is no overall statistic on how many adults who get a prescription fail to take it as prescribed by their doctor.

 Government studies estimate the number is around 45 to 55 percent.  A survey of almost 77,000 seniors,   over 75 percent who got a prescription filled in the last year said they had not filled a prescription or forgot to take their pills.


Pill reminder alarm


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