Med-Q Medication Clock Timer Prevents a trip to the ER

Med-Q Pill Organizer with alarms Hold Pricey Medications

 Med-Q Pill Organizer with alarms Holds Thousand 

Med-Q Pill Organizer with alarms

Pills are expensive.  Med-Q pill organizer with alarms can hold 1000’s of dollars worth of prescriptions. If you watch the News, surf the net or read the newspaper you will see the controversy over the cost of the EpiPen. People using the EpiPen do not have a choice.  It is the only device on the market that is available.  As a matter of fact, the FDA just rejected certification for a competitive pen.  The price has gone up 500% in the last three years. In fact, this is just the tip of the iceberg. pill dispenser

Over all, health care costs have risen Six Hundred Percent in the last Ten Years.  Ironically, people don’t use a pill organizer or pill box to make sure these very, very expensive pills are taken properly.

Listed below are some of the most costly prescription drug protocols.


Gleevec: This pill is used to treat “MYELOID LEUKEMIA“.  Once a death sentence, this has now become a manageable chronic disease.  Cost per year, One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Dollars.

Med-Q Pill Organizer with alarms

Sovaldi: This drug is used for people with   There is approximately 4 Million people with a hepatitis C infection.  The cost for a 12 week regime, Eight Four Thousand Dollars.  Many MD’s will provide the medication in a simple pill organizer.

Nitropress: The medication has a life saving effect on the heart.  The cost has risen over 500% in the last year.

medication capsules

Kalydeco: Treas a rare form of Cystic Fibrosis.  The yearly cost, Three Hundred Thousand dollars

Med-Q Pill Organizer with alarms

med-q alarm pill dispenser
med-q alarm pill dispenser

Erbitux: This drug is for Colorectal cancer. A seven week protocol cost is in excess of Thirty Thousand Dollars.  Doctors recommend putting your Eritux into a pill organizer for the Seven weeks. 

Daraprim: These pills are to fight infection in Aids and Cancer patients. The cost has risen 5000% in the last year up to Seven Hundred Fifty Dollars per pill.

Praluent: A blood pill to reduce cholesterol up to Sixty Percent.  Annual cost, Fourteen Thousand Dollars.

Repatha: A medicine to bring down cholesterol in the blood stream.   Cost Fifteen Thousand Dollars a year

Isuprel: A Prescription for Heart problems.  The cost has gone up over Two Hundred Percent in the last year.

Any one of these pills should be put into some kind of pill organizer if your Doctor has not already done it for you.  This will prevent timing errors.  If you can find a good pill organizer with alarms, you can help make sure these pills will work the best that they can.pill disenser

Drug Makers profits came in at a whooping Twenty Five Percent in 2015.

Let’s put this number in the perspective, Ford Motor had a great year in 2015.  Their profit margin was 4.9 Percent.  Does that help?  The profits are coming out of your pocket.  That being said, be sure to use a pill organizer to get the maximum benefits from these Pricey drugs.Smart Pill Box for Seniors


Med-Q automatic pill organizer for Alzheimer's patients

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