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MED-Q Pill Organizer with alarms for Mom

Med-Q Pill Organizer with Alarms keeps Parents on Schedule

Med-Q “Cutting Edge” Pill Organizer with Alarms


Memory diminishes as we get older.  A  Pill organizer with alarms is a must.  Even someone who is  careful, ends up forgetting to take their medication or accidentally overdosing.  The problem is bigger than most seniors will admit to.  Mom forgetting medications or Dad forgetting pills is very common.  Alzheimer’s forgetting medication will get worse as the disease progresses.

 A programmable pill organizer with alarms is needed to manage their medication

With afflictions such as diabetes, blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, depression, and cholesterol he need for a medication alarm clock can not be underestimated.  The Kids parents are worried and stressed that their parent’s pill box is not doing the job.  They know the need a medication alarm clock or simply put , a Pill clock.

Amazing MED-Q Pill Box with Alarm has been designed to solve the problem.

Brilliant MED-Q has created a timer pill box that is a pill organizer alarm system.  Triple alarms means no more forgetting or overdosing.  Simply program the Pill Organizer with alarms to your chosen times and the MED-Q pill organizer with alarms does the rest.  Just fill the Pill reminder and MED-Q does the rest.  When the alarm sound, take the pills that are in the flashing box.

 No decisions about time, day or which pills to take.

pill organizer with alarms The only steps needed after loading the pill organizer are to listen for the beeping or watch for the flashing.  Med-Q has made it virtually impossible for aging parents to forget or double dose on their medication.  The MED-Q Pill organizer with alarms is part of an action plan that will ensure the most positive health outcomes.   Of course you must refill you programmable pill organizer everyday week.

Med-q programmable Pill organizer with alarms has a Manufacturer’s suggest Retail price of $99.95 and is available on many website.  Knowing that you are  doing the best you can for loved ones is priceless.

 pharmacistA Pharmacist is a Pill Taker’s Best Friend

Your very own Pharmacist Could Actually Help.  One of the crucial essential benefits a pharmacist can provide is to have a discussion with you about your pharmaceuticals. A pharmacist will help you know how and when to take your prescription medications.  They will explain what unwanted side effects you would possibly expect to see, or possibly the physical interactions could possibly come about.  A pharmacist could certainly respond to your concerns privately in the drugstore or just over the telephone.

Pharmacist is a Pill Taker's Best FriendOther sorts of strategies your personal pharmacist help you with:

• Many pharmacists account for prescriptions drugs on their laptop computer. If you purchase your current prescriptions drugs at a single place and so convey to your pharmacist all the OTC and prescriptions drugs and even nutritional supplements you are taking, the pharmacist will cross reference  your pharmaceuticals so the will never interact harmfully with the other.

• Ask to place the health professional prescribed prescription medications in a smart Pill Organizer with alarms.  This Pill Organizer with alarms should have easy to-open containers.  These work well assuming you  do not actually have kids inhabiting or maybe even visiting your private home. I highly recommend you to always keep all medicines absent from the sight and the reach of children.

Pharmacist• They may be able to design labels on  the pill’s  containers in much larger print, in the event that looking at the labels is very difficult because of poor eye sight.

• Your pharmacist could perhaps ensure that you get published information to assist you to learn more about ones prescribed drugs. This information may be available in bigger type or in many other languages along with English.

How Important is Getting  Help?

Medication errors are the #3 leading cause of preventable Death.  It falls behind #1 , Cancer and #2, Heart disease. Newly released research from Johns Hopkins  approximates that well over 250,000 US citizens died in 2013 from medical errors.   Both Heart disease and cancer  took about 300,000 lives each in 2013  Medical errors falls in at 250,000 annual deaths.  Respiratory disease is #4, at about 150,000 deaths.

Smart 7 day Pill Box dispenser reminder

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