MED-Q Pill Holder has very Expensive Pills inside

Pill Holder will contain some very Expensive Prescription Medications

These pills can break the Bank.  Expensive Pills can keep you alive.  If One looks at the reports, surf the internet or studies the tabloids, The price of prescription drugs has jumped.  Expensive pills may become un-affordable for many..  The problem with expensive pills is only going to get bigger.   Healthcare expenses have risen 600% in the last decade.  With expensive pills becoming the norm,a Pill Holder can hold 10’s of thousands of dollars worth of expensive pills.

[Med-Q Pill Holder has lots of Expensive Pills in its individual Compartment.

health challenges of agingGleevec: This capsule is used to care for “MYELOID LEUKEMIA”. This disease, in the past, killed the inflicted, now it is controllable. Cost per year, $125,000.

Sovaldi: This remedy is used for individuals afflicted with the blood disease, Hepatitis C.  There is around 4 Million people with a hepatitis C.  The price tag for a 12 week administration, $8,400.  Many Doctor’s will supply the prescription in a trouble-free pill holder 

Nitropress: The medicine has a lifesaving effect on the heart. The outlay has gone up over 500% in the last year.

Kalydeco: Treats an unusual type of Cystic Fibrosis. The twelve-monthly cost, $300,000.   Erbitux: This drug is for Colorectal cancer. A seven week protocol cost is in excess of $30,000. Doctors recommend putting your Eritux into a pill holder for the Seven weeks periods to help remember their expensive  pills

Sponsored by MED-Q pill holder with alarmspill holder with alarms

Daraprim: is to fight infection in Aids and Cancer patients.

  • Repatha: A drug to cause a reduction in blood cholesterol. Cost 15,000 Dollars a year.
  • Isuprel: A tablet for Heart troubles. The charge has gone up and about 200% in the preceding 12 months.

Sponsored by Med-Q Medication Pill Holder with alarms for Medication Compliance

Any one of these drugs ought to be set into some variety of pill holder or medication smart pill holder with alarms.  , if your Doctor or Pharmacist has not previously done this for you. This will avert timing miscalculations. If you can locate a first-rate pill holder with alarms, you can help make certain these medication will work the best way.

Pharmaceutical Companies made incredible 25% return last year.

This fact will put their huge operating profit margin in perspective. The average profit margin for the Top 500 Companies was around 15% last year. Pharmaceutical companies’ margins are 60% higher than all the rest. Their huge earnings are coming out of your wallet. That being said, be definitely sure to utilize a pill organizer to get the utmost benefits from these Very Expensive Prescription Medication.  Our Nation’s spends more than any other Country in the World.

The top spenders in 2014.

daily pill holder

prescription medications

There were over 4 billion (4.2 Bill) prescriptions prescribed in 2014. The cost, practically $380 billion Dollars. This was reported in a study released by the IMS (Institute for Healthcare Information). The statistics re-confirms that People on medication rose to levels not seen since 2001.

Prescription that were written, jumped 13% from the 12 months before. States that extended Medicaid authorization as  required by the Affordable Care Act.  Folks actually have filled Twenty Five Percent more medical orders than the previous 12 months. However, in regions that expand eligibility was not offered that numbers were less than Three Percent.Pill Box with Alarms

The Data also showed why a Pill holder with Alarms is needed:

Doctors’ office visits diminished by over Three Percent.
Prescribed doctors’ prescriptions went up over Two Percent.

The past year brought fundamental changes and heightened uncertainty to the patients, payers, providers, government and lawmakers. “It is clear that the U.S. health care system is in a state of flux,” as quoted from the report by the IMS. The details suggests that unique medication and pioneering drugs make up a big percentage of the medicine expenses. Specialty tablets that make up 1/3 of the entire amount spent on expensive pills need a smart pill holder to make sure they are taken properly. . Many of these expensive pills manage illness’ s like hepatitis C, multiple sclerosis and cancer.  As you can see, a smart pill holder is like a small bank vault.

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