MED-Q Medication Reminder Alarm Clock Success Story

MED-Q Pill dispensers for elderly people

Modern Pill dispensers for elderly people are a Better Choice

Pill dispensers for elderly people is a big need

The WHO  has reported in a 2012 finding “Up to 8 out of 10 individuals make some type of mistake with the medications that they are taking.  Med-Q Smart Pill Dispenser was built to lower Non-Compliance.  Non-Compliance is the medical term for not taking your Prescription medications and Supplements as prescribed by your healthcare professional.

The Best Pill dispensers for elderly people Vs. Dumb Pill Box

A Smart pill box comes with individual compartments for each day week, like old fashion pill organizers. This where a smart pill dispenser will differ. It will be programmable with  visual alarms to remind the user.  The new smart pill dispenser can have compartments for 1,2 as well as 4 doses per day.

If your Old Fashion pill box isn’t working for you then it is time to make a switch.  Think of the number if times you looked at your pill organizer and realized you forget to take yesterday’s pill.  Do you take 2 pills today?

A Smart  pill dispenser will use alarms to remind the Senior it’s Pill time.  #1 Ranked Pill Boxes like  MED-Q use LED LITE-BOX Technology to light up the box holding that times meds

Smart Pill Apps

Smart apps that remind the user when its time to take their medication are available.  These are medication reminders that do have value.  The problem is that if seniors are not by their pill boxes when the alarm sounds, they are not likely to take their pills.  Some high-tech apps have been reviewed at GIZMAG.

MedQ Smart Pill Dispenser replaces  Worry  as well as Wondering if Dad is Forgetting pills.  Now you can have the Peace of Mind that you’re doing the best for Loved Ones.

Med-Q Smart Pill Dispensers foe elderly Saves more than Lives —CLICK— Cost of a 1 Bedroom Assisted Living Facility monthly cost in your State.

Pill Box Prevents Bad Reactions with Pills


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