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MED-Q pill dispensers for elderly People

Med-Q Pill Dispensers for elderly individuals


 How Many Pills Do Your Elderly Patients Take Each Day?

med-q pill dispensers for elderlyMed-Q Pill Dispensers for elderly individuals prevents disaster.  The shocking statistics on prescription medication usage among elderly individuals in the United States are a real eye-opener.  The fact of the matter is that over 1/3 of prescriptions medication that is taken in the US are taken by seniors.  The average seniors takes between 8-12 prescriptions medications each day.

The elderly need a auto pill dispenser with alarms to manage  their prescriptions as well as supplements.  Did you know that  the average elderly patient is taking more than five prescription medications; the average nursing home patient is taking seven medications..

Med-Q Smart Pill Box with Alarms lower medication mistake risks

med-q pill dispensers for elderlyA pill dispensers for elderly can help you remember to take your pills but it will not prevent drug/medication interactions. People An increased risk for negative drug- interactions will often accompany the  high doses of polypharmacy among this senior population.  If one then adds in the possible physiological changes that happen as you age can affect pharmacokinetics ( the branch of pharmacology concerned with the movement of drugs within the body) and pharmacodynamics ( the branch of pharmacology concerned with the effects of drugs and the mechanism of their action ) . This being said, your health care professional should  exercise extreme caution when prescribing pharmacotherapy for  senior patients.

To Prescribe or Not to Prescribe Medications

Dr.  Aubrey Knight, MD, FAAFP, made a presentation. She said that, “Polypharmacy in Seniors is the newest question, “should you Prescribe or Not  Prescribe”.  Health care professionals are saying that we are aware about the side effects of polypharmacy.  Elderly men and women should be aware of  any  other negative symptom that may appear in an elderly patient should be considered a negative side side effect.  This ought to remain in effect until told otherwise.  Doctor Knight reminded her audience to heed the warnings.

med-q pill dispensers
MED-Q pill dispensers with alarm

Sir William Osler is one of the founding professors of Johns Hopkins Hospital. Osler was the doctor that created the original residency program.  He wanted to be able to provide specialty training to many different  physicians.  The fact of the matter, Olser was the very first doctor that took the new students out of the confines of a lecture hall and replaced it with bedside for better clinical training.

He has frequently been described as the “Father of Modern Medicine“.

  He was also the “best diagnosticians ever to use a  stethoscope.  He was quoted as saying, “a medication is a poison with a desirable side effect” and advised that physicians “consider medication as a possible problem, and not just as the solution” when prescribing medications for elderly patients with multiple chronic conditions.

Med-Q Pill Dispenser with alarms can NOT prevent Side Effects

Doctor Knight reviewed many of the pharmacokinetic as well as pharmacodynamic side effects that accompany the aging process that can lead to negative or even deadly outcomes.  Some of these outcomes may include:

  • The actual impact on quantity of medication distribution that has bee effected by a substantial decrease in one’s total body hydration level as well as a big increase in  body fat that is commonly seen in senior individuals (the negative effect can be caused because of an increase in serum levels of water-soluble drugs as well as a  increase in the half-life  of different fat-soluble drugs)
  • An increase in one’s own personal body fat among elderly patients will often cause a raised circulating levels of tricyclic antidepressants as well as other antipsychotic medications
  • A decrease in your lean body mass that will occur after the age of 70, often leads directly to to  an increased digoxin concentration
  • Oxidative metabolism through the cytochrome P450 system decreases with aging, leading to the bodies reduced ability to clear drugs from the system.
  • Decreased hepatic and renal blood flow, resulting in altered plasma half-lives of an array of medications

The Best Automatic Pill Dispensers for Elderly and Seniors

What is the Best Automatic Pill Dispensers for Elderly and Seniors?

Best Automatic Pill Dispenser for Elderly
Best Automatic Pill Dispenser for Elderly

The best Automatic pill dispenser for elderly and seniors is a personal choice.  This is not a time where one size fits all.  The pill reminders can range in price for 99 Cents all the way up to thousands of dollars.  The simplest is a basic dumb, plastic, cheap pill box.  The most features rich will remind , dispense and notify if medications have not been taken.

Medication Non-Compliance leads to 150,000 needless Deaths

Best Automatic Pill Dispenser for Elderly If you heard that a fully loaded 747 jet crashed with no survivors, it would be a tragedy.  Now imagine if that happened twice a day.  This is the same amount of deaths that are cause by medication non-compliance

Medication Non-Compliance:  Not taking your medications as prescribed by your health care professional.  Sponsored By Med-Q Medication Compliance System

Golden age of Medicine

Best Automatic Pill Dispenser for Elderly
Best Automatic Pill Dispenser for Elderly

Modern medicine has mad leaps that 100 years ago could not even have been imagined.  A sickness that meant sure death, such as small pox, has been arid acted.  The new generations of medicines that are based on an individuals genetic make-up are becoming more and more mainstream.

is one more reason to have the best automatic pill dispenser for elderly and seniors.  Try Med-Q pill dispenser 30 days risk free in your own home.  If the smart pill box doesn’t solve the problem, return it for a full refund including shipping.

best automatic pill dispenser
best automatic pill dispenser

The Best Automatic Pill Dispensers For Elderly And Seniors?

Put an End to Forgetting and Over-Dosing.  Med-Q is The Best Automatic Pill Dispensers For Elderly And Seniors?. The triple Audio/Visual Alarms virtually eliminates mistakes. Where can such a small investment have such a HUGE return.programmable pill box with alarm

Knight recommended consulting the Beers Criteria for Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use in the Elderly, first published by Beers and colleagues in 1997 in the Archives of Internal Medicine and updated in 2003. Knight claims that this  “cautionary guide,  identifies nearly 50 medications and medication classes that are potentially harmful when used in seniors who are over 65.

The prescription medication prescribing cascade

Did you know that over 16 Percent of all hospitalizations are caused by elderly patients  adverse drugsreactions.  The risk will rise for drug-drug interactions or adverse drug reactions associated with polypharmacy.  Dr. Knight said that  it is significantly more important to be aware of what the Doctor has labeled “the prescribing cascade” with elderly patients.  The theory is that  the side effects from one prescription medication means another medication to counteract  the negative effects..  This in turn will  lead to more side effects, and additional prescription medication.  The cycle will go on and on.  So remember, taking the right pills at the right times (Med-Q smart pill box with alarms), doesn’t ensure the best outcomes.Auto pill dispensers with alarm

This is especially common among nursing home residents

Pill dispenserNursing Homes prescribe more prescription to seniors than in virtually any other environment (Home, Assisted Living as well as staying with Family).  The doctor has shown that some specific meds like antibiotics and PPIs are grossly over prescribed . He has also stated, “More than 50 Percent of all nursing home residents had experienced an negative drug interaction.  As a matter of fact,  those seniors who are taking 8 or more daily pills are almost 3 times  more likely to experience an adverse drug reaction.

When you are treating senior inpatients, health care professionals ought to anticipate a 50-50 chance of adverse medication reactions (ADR) among patients who are taking 4 or more prescriptions. An informed care giver will weigh the risk/benefit of the drugs.  One’s own Health Care Team needs to conduct a complete medication review at admission  to assisted living as well as discharge to avoid polypharmacy.

The best advice is to Start low and go slow.

Med-Q offers these basic Principles for better management of prescription  medications in senior men and women.

  • Perform a complete “brown bag” review of all of the patient’s medications, including OTC drugs and supplements
  • Be cautious with new drugs for which there is less-than-robust data regarding use in elderly patients
  • Keep the medication regimen as simple as possible to promote adherence
  • Discontinue the use of drug when possible if the benefit is unclear or if observed side effects could be due to that drug
  • Consider if the benefit of the 7th or 8th drug is sufficient to justify the cost, increase in complexity of regimen, and risk of side effects
  • When selecting and titrating medication doses: start low, and go slow!

Med-Q Pill Dispensers for elderly individuals is the answer to medication error.  Try the Smart pill dispenser in your own home for 30 days risk free.  You will wonder how you ever lived with out it. Automatic Pill Dispenser with alarms

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