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pill dispenser

Med-Q Programmable Pill Dispenser for Mom

Programmable pill dispenser makes huge difference.

Med-Q Programmable Pill Dispenser can have big payoffs.

More Like A Caregiver assistant

Out of all the various pillboxes my Dad had MED-Q programmable pill dispenser.  It is the only one that actually worked. The old pill boxes were frustrating to deal with and he was always forgetting. The flashing light is the best part of the pill box. My Dad has always been so independent so this is just right for him..  No more Dad Forgetting Medication.
Thank You” – William , Arnold’s son.

Programmable Pill Dispenser

Programmable Pill Dispenser for Mom

“My Mother could not have stayed at home.  The MED-Q programmable pill dispenser for Mom made it possible. It kept her out of the nursing home. It really made a difference in her last year.  No more Mom forgetting Pills.  She was independent until the end. — Bonnie.

Medication Reminder Prevented Missing Meds

”Your programmable pill dispenser made nightly phone calls to me when Mom missed her meds.  Med-q helped me keep my mother safe.” – Gerald, Leona’s son

Peace of Mind for my Dad and I

“My father had peace of mind as he was reluctant to be alone . He was worried he would forget his pills and needed a medication reminder. The Med-Q  Pill Reminder  for Mom @ Google+ Facebook Youtube made him feel safer in his own home.. I enjoyed the peace of mind knowing that the pill reminder was working. – Betty, Troy’s daughter.

programmable pill dispenser

programmable pill dispenser

automatic Pill Dispenser

Here are some examples of MED-Q Pillbox users and their results and opinions:

Service Started in the Nick of Time

MED-Q Pill Box ROCKS., We got your pill box about six months ago for my Mom. We had a family meeting about sending her to an assisted living home. The problem was her medication. We tried to go every day,(someone in the family) but it didn’t work. This programmable pill dispenser for Mom  was our last chance. It has worked great!!   She is still at home and never misses her pill anymore. What a great medication reminder.
God Bless. – The Robinson and Stacey families.

programmable pill dispenser for mom

programmable pill dispenser for mom

med-q programmable pill dispenser

Added 5 Years of Independence for Mom

MED-Q Programmable Pill Dispenser for Mom made it possible for her to live 5 more years independently.
Good Product – Dan, Lois’ son.

Dependable Pill Dispenser, Excellent Pill Box Design

MED-Q Programmable Pill dispenser alarms and medication reminder service.  Worked better than expected. It was exactly what my mother needed .  It kept her independent with medications for almost a year. I could go back home and know that the pill alarm/medication reminder service would not fail.  Excellent programmable Pill Dispenser with alarms .” – Carol, Dorothy’s daughter.

med-q programmable pill dispenser

pill box with alarm

med-q pill box

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