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pill dispenser

Pill Dispenser to the rescue

Programmable Pill Dispenser With Alarm

pill dispenserProgrammable Smart Pill Dispenser

MedQ Smart Pill dispenser with alarm is your 21st century tools to Health and Independence.  A Smart pill box that has triple alarms means that forgetting and overdosing will become a thing of the past.  The Genius design and LED LITE-BOX technology is what solves the problem.

  • Smart Pill Box for Home Use
  • Telephone Reminders Services
  • Smart Phone Apps
  • Computerized Med Monitoring System
  • Pharmacist Assistance

Bright Flashing Visual Alert and Guide

What makes MedQ Smart Pill Box your Loved One’s Medication Safety Belt.  Med-Q  pill dispenser with alarm  keeps them Self-Reliant with 21st Century Technology.  At the personally chosen medication taking time, the LED will illuminate ONLY the individual Pill Dispenser compartment holding ONLY the pills that needs to be taken.  

The individual Pill box compartment will flash for 5 minutes and will repeat every 30 minutes until the medication is taken.   MedQ medication box LITE-BOX guides the user to the right pill compartment at the right time for mistake free dosing.

Med-Q’s Life Saving Features gives Quality of Life and Independence

 Now it’s your Turn to Take Care of Them

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Health : 125, 000 people die each year from Non-Compliance.

 Non-Compliance is the medical term for “Not taking your medication as prescribed”  The MedQ Pill Dispenser was designed to tackle this problem.  People spend 10’s of thousand’s of dollars a year, but leave their medication up to a 3.99 plastic pill box, ” Says Troy Hollbrock, Marketing director of MedQ Smart Pill Reminder.  The problem was huge without a solution.  Then came MedQ Smart pill box to the rescue.  No more mom forgetting pills , dad forgetting medication or even forgetting depression medication.  This medication box is a medication timer that actually works.  Visit YOUTube and watch the videos for yourself.

MedQ Smart Pill Box replaces the  Stress, Worry & Wondering about Mom Forgetting pills with the Peace of Mind that you are doing the best for Loved Ones