Medication Alarm Clock

MED-Q pill dispenser machine for well being

Med-Q Pill Dispenser Machine puts an end to  Med Errors

 Med-Q Pill Dispenser Machine with Triple Alarms and Flashing Guides

Electronic Pill Dispenser with Alarm

Med-Q Pill Dispenser Machine for Well Being

pill dispenser machine for well beingBright Flashing LED PILLBOX.  Med-Q Pill Dispenser Machine has been designed with LITE-BOX Technology. What this means is that ONLY the Pillbox holding that exact times dose will FLASH.  All Mom has to do is take the Flashing Box.  Loud Blasting Audio Alarms that keep getting Louder. 

The Cutting Edge Electronic Pillbox has Audio Alerts that keep getting Louder and Louder until taken.  The “Cutting Edge” design works great for Senior’s with hearing issues  Just one of the Design decisions to prevent over dosing.

Pill Dispenser Machine Alerts  Repeats Every 30 Mins.

Miss a Pill, No Problem. Med-Q Best Pill box with alarms repeats until the Meds have been taken. The Automatic Pill Dispenser means no more forgetting.  Not “Grandpa’s Dangerous.Old PillBox”. 

Med-Q Pill Dispenser Machine is a Powerful Tool for Caregiver’s 

Watch How Simple Med-Q is to Set.  Once you set your Med-Q the Best Programmable Pill Box will then  Repeat every Day Automatically.  Simple Set Up Videos for Med-Q Programmable PillBox with alarms for 1, 2, 3 or 4 Daily Reminders.   Designed to look just like their Old Pill Box for an easy Upgrade.

pill dispenser machine
pill dispenser machine for well being


The Best Auto Pill Dispenser for Machine for Individuals Suffering With Alzheimer’s

pill dispenser machine for well being
pill dispenser machine for well being

Here is a good tip, The Alzheimer Association suggest that the first thing a caregiver should do is “Implement a specific medication Strategy“.  This should be the number one priority.   An Alzheimer’s Pill Box with alarms  is a something you must use.  . Med-Q Programmable PillBox is a great aid in the Management of  Alzheimer’s as well as Dementia.  The benefits apply to both the Sufferer and the Caregiver”.

The Med-Q Programmable PillBox uses LED LITE-BOX Technology.  The Brilliant new Design is remind the user to take their Pills.  The electronic care giver will even show which pills to take.. You can put an End Forgetting and Over Dosing.   No Decisions Means No More Mistakes……Just Take the Flashing Box.

  Med-Q is the Best Pill Dispenser Machine for Loved Ones

America’s Best Pill Dispenser Machine is the first line of defense for good health and Financial security.  With the current costs of assisted living, med-q PillBox is the smart choice.  You can take control of loved ones health and prevent the “assisted living move”, disaster.    Med-Q, the Best Pill Box with alarms and Auto Pill Dispenser make remembering prescriptions as simple as can be.  The Best Pillbox for Mom and Dad.  Med-Q is particularity helpful for Great Pill dispenser Machine for  Alzheimer’s and Dementia. No more forgetting or over dosing.electronic pill box with timer & alarm


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