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pill clock

Pill clock for Seniors

Caregivers help with Pill Clock can have a huge impact

MED-Q Smart Pill Box will save Caregivers hours of work each week.

A Pill Clock can help millions.

There are more than 60 Million people caring for family , friends or Loved ones.  Caregivers help need a pill clock or some other type of  smart pill box with alarms or  a smart pill reminder can have a huge impact.  How big?  30% of the population is a caregivers.  If If you had to pay for the caregivers service, the cost would be over 350 Billion Dollars per year.  This is 200% of costs spent on home health care and nursing homes.

Pill clock

125,000 people a year die  from not using a Pill Clock or some type of smart pill reminder to take their medication properly.  Sometimes they forget all together.  Caregivers can use a pill box or Smart Pill Box with alarms to  keep Seniors at home and out of nursing homes.  One in four nursing home  admissions is premature due to not having a proper pill organizer.   MED-Q Smart Pillbox with alarm will  keep your loved ones at home.

The National Aliance for Caregivers and AARP said ” The caregivers spend 20 hours per week caring.  13% spent 40 hours.  A lot of this time is because of medication errors.  A Smart Pill dispenser will help.  A medication timer means the caregivers will not have to worry about Mom forgetting pill or Dad forgetting Medication.  A Medication Reminder will save time and Money.  The Evercare Survey of the Economic Downturn and its impact on family caregiving says the cost of unpaid for caregiving is over 350 Billion Dollars a year.

pill clock

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