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Pill box

The Best Pill Box

The Best Pill Box Choices

The Best Pill Box is a personal choice.

There is a big difference if you are taking a daily vitamins or managing a chronic disease.  A pill dispenser or an Automatic pill organizer has a direct impact on ones’s health.  The importance grows larger as you get older.

Senors sufferer form AIMM’s (Age Induced medication Mistakes).  Using a proper pill dispenser or pill reminder will be key as they get older.  Med-Q Auto Pill Dispenser has listed the top selling pill organizer types.  The range from the most basic pill organizer to an automatic pill dispenser.  

The Best Pill Box

Medcenter is a 31 day pill organizer for your medications as well as Vitamins. Red and Green color coding shows when dose is done.  4 talking medication reminder alarms.  Interactive requires acknowledging the reminder alarms by pressing the large red button on top.  The user is able to press the green button located on the top of the clock to be able to be told the time and date.


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