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Pill box

Cutting Edge Pillbox with Timer 

Cutting Edge Pillbox with Timer 

 Pill Box with Alarms and Flashing Guides ends Worry

Pillbox with Timer 

Med-Q Pillbox with Timer  for Loved Ones

Bright Flashing PillBox Guides

Med-Q Smart PillBox with Timer is designed to use a Bright Flashing  LED guide.  This shows the user the Exact Right Prescription Pills they need to take.

Loud Audio Alarms

The Brilliantly designed Pill Organizer uses it;s  Blasting Alarms to remind the user.  The alarms will get Louder and Louder until the pills have been taken.  This is perfect for the deaf.

Med-Q will Repeats Every 25 Minutes.

Ever Miss a Pill? Med-Q Best Pill Organizer will repeat it’s 5 minutes alarms every 25 minutes. Not “Grandpa’s DUMB PillBox”.  Med-Q couldn’t make it any easier.

Med-Q Pill Box with Timer is a Caregiver’s Best Friend

Watch How Simple is the Pillbox to Set? Watch the Videos and see for your self.  After you have set your pill organizer it will Repeat every Day Automatically.

Pillbox with Timer 

Pillbox with Timer 

Pillbox with Timer 

We made Med-Q look like their old, dumb pill box.  This makes the Upgrade simple

PillBox Testimonials

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The Best Auto Pill Box with Timer for Alzheimer’s

The Alzheimer Association recommends that you “Set a medication Strategy before anything else”.  An best Programmable Pill Box with Timer is a crucial tool .  This apples to the suffer as well as their caregiver.  A smart pill organizer will lift the “remembering” burden off the care giver (especially children). Med-Q Electronic pill box with timer makes it easier Manage the ups and downs of the Alzheimer Journey. . The Smart Pill organizer uses LED PILL-BOX Design.  The fact,  Med-Q is just like having a Live-In-Caregiver at Pill Time everyday for free.  Prescription Medication can be taken with out Stress, worry and wondering.   No Decisions Means No More Mistakes……Just Take the Flashing LED PILL-BOX

  Med-Q is the Best PillBox with Timer

Why do you need America’s Best Pill Dispenser with Alarms?  The facts are truly Shocking:


Here is the Big One:

One Hundred Twenty Five Thousand(125,000) ANNUAL DEATHS IN THE U.S. IN 2015

Med-Q, the Best PillBox with Timer is more than a old fashion, dumb pill organizer  The Med-Q Auto Pill Dispenser make remembering prescriptions as simple as can be.  The Best Electronic Pill box for Mom and Dad.  Great for Alzheimer’s as well as Dementia sufferers. No more forgetting or over dosing.