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Pill box

A Pill Box to Remember to Take Your Medications

Need A Pill Box to Remember Meds?

There are Millions and Millions of seniors that need help with Remembering  Meds   

A accurate prescription medicine schedule will make one’s medication work better as well as eliminate the risks that will accompany  double dosing as well as missing doses. Finding the best Pill Box  is a good way to prevent problems.  A pill box helps you to not  forget your life-saving meds.  The use of a Pill box for the foundation of your Pill System can not be understated.

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Pill Box to Remember

Talk to your Doctor about how to take your meds

pill boxPeople need to stay proactive in regards to taking their pills as well as  supplement.  If you know some one who needs help in taking their pills, help them.  If you can’t remember to take your pills, do something about it.  If you don’t, it may literally kill you.  It is important to understand what the pills that your are taking are doing for you and your body.   Be sure to ask the Pharmacist as when the pills are being picked up.  Know the correct directions for taking them.

  • You need to understand, 100%,  what the meds are treating you for as well as how the medicines  impacts you.
  • Speak with the Dr about medication side-effects. It is vital to know what side effects .  
  • How do you take the medicine. Some medications need to be taken with liquid. Sometimes you need to eat something before you take them.  Many pills have to be taken every single day, others, several times a day. Make certain you know the right way to take the pills to benefit from the best outcomes.
  • Use a One pharmacy to get your prescriptions filled.Pill Box to Remember

What should one do if they miss pills?

Everyone will  miss pills at some point in time. This happens to even to the most vigilant and there is different protocol for different types of meds. Sometimes, you should double the dose the next day. One ought to continue with normal dose and watch for possible negative side effects. Be certain to know what to do if a dose of medication is missed.

Use a Smart pill box.

A pill box can be bought at any drug  store.  A typical Pill Box is a pill holder with separate compartments.  The compartments are marked with each day of the week.  The user would load their pill box at the beginning of the week an.  The pill box user would then take the pills out of each compartment every day.  This type of pill organizer has been around for 100’s of years.  A pill box is good if you take a lot of medications, each with its own schedule. Simply place different medications in different sections, corresponding to the day of the week they need to be taken.Pill Box to Remember

Med-Q Pill Box to Remember your Prescription Meds and Vitamins

Modern Cutting Edge designs should be take advantage of.   It will help in remembering medication. Setting pill reminders by your watch, alarm clock as well as smart phone.  Up to date smartphones as well as computers  can be used as a pill reminder.  You can have the smart phone alert you with a song or buzzing alarm play when it’s pill the time.  There are some digital watches that have built in alarms that can buzz or ring at specific times during the day

Use electronic medicine schedules online.

Electronic medicine schedules are available on the internet. The internet is a great  tool to help you remember.  Men and Women are getting daily emails to remind them.  In addition, there are dozens of  websites that offer automated medication schedules for you.  They will tell you, how often you need to your pills and in what amounts.  You can print the report and bring it to the doctor with you on all appointments.

 Enroll in a text, call, or e-mail pill reminder service. There are many online sites that you can enter your phone number as well as your e-mail address with your prescription medication schedule. They will  send texts, phone calls, or emails reminding you to take your pills at a cost. The choices, an old fashion pill box to remember, a new modern , smart pill boxes or an electron e-mail pill box.  Which one you choose is up to you.