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Pill box

Pill box organizer with Alarms Saves Lives

Pill Box Organizer with Alarms Prevents Disaster

Medical science has exploded in the last fifty years.

Everything from a pill box Turing into a pill box organizer with alarms, to Stem cell growing new body parts.  With this being said, modern medication has one big problem, people forget to taker their pills.  How bad is the Problem?  You will be shocked!

Pill box puts seniors into assisted living

pill box organizer with alarms
America’s #1 Smart Pill Organizer

A full 25% of assisted living admissions is because of people needing help to take their pills.  The old person can do their job like cooking cleaning ad grocery shopping. That is here the problem starts.  Forgetting to take pills will lead to negative outcomes with their pills.  These bad outcomes are bad enough to put people into a assisted living facility.  The loss of Independence and the 10’s of thousands of dollars in costs could be solve for less than 6o dollars with a pill box organizer with alarms.

10% of all Hospital stays would be gone.

Not using some type of pill box organizer with alarms is an accident that will happen.  Trying to relay on memory instead of alarms is hard for young people, let alone seniors’.  The fact of the matter is that 10% of all Hospital stays is a direct result of people making mistakes with their pills.  Seems like a pill box with alarms is the best decision you could make to avoid the hospital and the problems that come with it.

The #3 leading cause of death

Think a pill organizer a 4 Dollar plastic pillbox, think again.  If you were to use one of the new, cutting edge, pill box with alarms you can save loved ones lives.  in the US, in 2013, over 250,000 people died from medication mistakes.  Let’s make the number real. If you can Image two fully loaded 747 Jumbo Airplanes colliding every day with no survivors.  It is very horrible.

Everybody should put a pill box organizer with alarms in their health care mind set.  Where else can such a small investment have such a big return.  For more information, visit MedqPill

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