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Pill box

Missing Pills cost 270 billion–can smart pill boxes help?

Med-Q smart Pill Boxes can save $280 Billion dollars

A smart Pill box with alarms can save 100’s of billions

Are you Missing Pills? People forgetting to take their pills and supplements as well as taking the wrong pills  costs the Nation’s  health care system $280 billion a year.  In addition, an estimated 120-125,000 individuals die each year as well.  
Nearly 3/4 of the  U.S. population admit that they don’t take their pills as directed.  New ‘smart’ packaging, smart phone apps, tele-medicine as well as smart Pill Boxes give patients the best way to make sure the right pills are taken at the right time and in the right amount.  If new cutting edge technology was offered to pill takers, money would be saved and less people would get sick and die.

Smart Pill Box with Triple Audio Visual Reminders

The Old fashion Pill Box has not changed for 100’s of years.  No more than a pill  Holder, the biggest change was a compartment for each day f the week.  These pill boxes are what has lead us to the problem situation that we are in now.  A smart pill box is a programmable electronic pill dispenser. The devices will ensure that the user will be notified of the time and the dose to take.  Some thing as sim[le as the Med-Q Smart Pill Box can be a simple affordable solution to medication mistakes

PillBox with alarm

pill reminder

Pill Organizer

 smart Pill Boxes

New types of Pill bottles that  actually track the user

Cutting edge Technologies for tracking meds  include smart pill bottles.  These Pill Bottles will actually detect when opened and  the pill bottle even knows  how many pills were removed . Users are notified by their health care professional; if and when they  are neglected their  prescription medications.

Many other aids, such as,  digestible sensors or  a monitor that is worn on the body and can detect if the pills have been taken. “With these new technologies  you are able to detect if the drug has been taken.  This is vital to individuals who are suffering form condition such as,  psychiatric patients or Individuals on a expensive treatments where forgetting a signle  pill often leads to  a direct economic impact of 10,000’s of dollars.

Smart Phone Medication Reminder apps

Smart Phone apps

 Smart phone can actually send a picture of the user to their doctor to show them that they are taking their pills.  This can be done in real time.   It is true that this will  raise some concerns relative to one’s privacy, however, people do need to reminded to take the pills. Medication “non-adherence” is so widespread it has been termed an epidemic by some doctors. It is more common among patients who have complex or multiple health problems that require them to take multiple medications and also among the mentally impaired or patients with psychological problems.

A report that was just published by the Lux Research Group

 “With the growing population, and especially due to the negative trends associated with poor lifestyle choices, the number of patients with (multiple) chronic diseases will grow significantly in the upcoming years,”  “These patients are the most likely to struggle with keeping up with multiple medications and, to control the costs of care and improve outcomes, the healthcare industry will increasingly rely on medication adherence-monitoring solutions.”

We are in the “Golden Age of Medicine, however as the Late Surgeon General C. Everett Koop said:

“Medication doesn’t work if you don’t take it”

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Smart Pill Box with alarms for Alzheimer's

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