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Pill box

Med-Q Hearing Impaired Pill Box with Visual Alarm

Smart Hearing Impaired Pill Box with Visual Alarm

Smart Hearing Impaired Pill Box with Visual Alarm

Are you or a loved one (deaf) hearing impaired?

Hearing Impaired Pill BoxWe have specially Hearing Impaired Pill Box with visual alarm that have benefits that will help in fostering better adherence to medicine regimens for deaf patients.    Smart Hearing Impaired Pill Box offers a with  30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!  This Flashing Smart PillBox makes it easy for the deaf to take their pills.  The flashing guide will be the Visual clue to Pill takers.  The 21st century solution

The Best Pill Box can be set for one or two daily reminders

A  Hearing Impaired Pill Box Reminder with visual reminders for the deaf.

 The Med-Q Smart Pill Box Reminder is a truly unique

.  The best Pill box for seniors that need to take medication.   Causes of hearing Loss and Treatments.  Hearing loss has several different causes.  Many of these are treatable with medicine or surgery.

The Three Kinds Hearing Loss or Deaf

Hearing ImpairedConductive hearing  is- when hearing loss is form issues due to problems in one’s ear canal as well as the ear drum.  This will effect the little bones.   Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) is due to problems in the inner ear.  This is labeled ” nerve-related deafness.”

Mixed hearing loss is a combo of conductive as well as sensor ineural  loss.   This indicates potential damage in the outer or middle ear and in the inner ear (cochlea: the spiral cavity of the inner ear containing the organ of Corti, which produces nerve impulses.) or auditory nerve.

Conductive Hearing (Deaf) Loss

Best Pill Box


Malformation of one’s outer ear, ear canal as well as the internal ear structures

Body Fluid accumulating in the middle

Ear infection (otitis media – an infection of the middle ear in which an accumulation of fluid)


Poor Eustachian tube function

Perforated eardrums

Layering of earwax

Infections and Illnesses

Blocking Particles

Otosclerosis (Bone growth around the staples bone)

Med-Q has designed the best pill box for the Hearing Impaired.

 The hearing impaired as well as the deaf can benefit greatly for using the best pill box to take their prescription medications and supplements.  For more information visits Med-Q Smart PillBox