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Pill box

SMART Pill Box means no “Crushing Tablets”

Pill Box instead of Crushing Pills

Doctors recommend using a pill box.

Doctors recommend using a smart pill box to hold the pills instead of crushing them.  The amount of errors that happen when crushing pills can lead to the ER.  Take your pills out of the PILL BOX and swallow them with some pudding or ice cream.  Taking medication properly is difficult at it’s best. Trying to add the “crushing” tablets option into the mix is a disaster waiting to happen.

 Remember, when it comes to medication, there is no such thing as a little mistake.  An Ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of Cure.

pill box

Pill Box vs. Tablet Crushing

pill box
Pill Box with Alarms

If you think a pill is just pressed powder, you would be wrong.  Crushing pills or tablets before you take them can make them virtually useless. Tablets and pills are made in a very precise way. This  makes sure that the medication is released at the right speed.  It also will effect where the medications are absorbed.  The can be absorbed in the the mouth, stomach or intestines. The speed is controlled by the ingredients within the pill.  These pills either hold together or break up easily based on what is in them.

pill box

pill box

pill box

Before you crush a pill

Before you crush a pill or tablet, check with your pharmacist or Doctor to see if it is OK.Before you crush a pill, check with your pharmacist or Doctor to see if it is OK.  If they tell you that it is modified release don’t crush them. It may cause the medication to  be released all at once , which is not good. Again, modified release tablets should never be crushed.  If your medicine is sugar coated then it is safe to crush it. However you should always ask your Doctor or Pharmacist.

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