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Pill box

Pill box for Alzheimer’s and Demetia


Alzheimer’s Pill Box for a Proactive Strategy

An Alzheimer’s Pill box can help manage the Alzheimer’s journey.

The early and middle stages of alzheimer’s and dementia is a place that a smart pillbox can help.  If your Loved ones can understand, “TAKE THE PILLS IN THE FLASHING BOX” you can delay the medication problem. Load the MedQ Smart Pill Box and it will do the reminding for both them and you.    No more mom forgetting Pills or Dad forgetting medication. Recent studies have shown hope in medications that can slow the progression of the disease.

Changes in Loved Ones

Things in the past that were easily done will become harder and harder as the disease progresses. Many people will try to hide up their difficulties. This is especially important in regards to their medication. Your Alzheimer’s Pillbox is a necessity. There are many sufferers that will refuse to accept the idea that they need an Alzheimer’s pill box or any type of smart medication box.  They want to protect themselves and their family from embarrassment ,so the keep it a secret. Many individuals will simply not ask for help.   Accepting the changes in abilities , as you have no other choice..  A smart pill box is a must.

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Smart Pill Box can help with Medication with planning and  problem solving

Problem with planning and solving problems will change their ability to think up a and follow a new plan or do math problems. They have trouble making simple meals and sticking to a recipe or keeping track of money. They have difficulty concentrating. They will usually take much longer to complete familiar projects. A Smart Pill dispenser prevents Medication mistakes when they can least afford to make.

Decreased Judgment

People with Alzheimer’s lose good judgment or decision-making. An example, they may give large amounts of money to family or even telemarketers. They may pay less attention to personal appearance or keeping themselves physically clean. They stop filling their pill box.   You will see may pill box compartments holding meds s that should have been taken.    MedQ Alzheimer’s pill box will remove the medication judgement factor from the equation.  Modern medicine has made strides in slowing the process.  Your smart pill box is a must to help ensure the highest chances of the best result.

Alzheimer's American Alzheimer’s Association recommendations.

The American Alzheimer’s Association recommends that  your VERY FIRST DECISION is they type medication timer.  Where can you get a pill box for designed to combat Alzheimer’s?  Any Drug store, Walmart or Amazon is a good place to start looking.  The MedQ Smart Pill box with LED LITE-BOX Technology and Triple Alarms meets the Association  and your Loved One’s needs.