MED-Q Best automatic pill dispenser alarm reminder

Med-Q Pill Box with Alarms is a big Hit!

MedQ Pill Box With Alarms

NEW Pill Box with Alarms for the AZ Market

Med-Q Pill Box with Alarms  Med-Q  Pill Box with alarms all rolled up in one.   “NEW” Automatic Pill Reminder has received rave reviews for  Arizona users.  They are saying, “Why didn’t you come up with this before.  I never stress over taking my pills anymore.


The Med-Q Smart Pill Box with alarms uses triple Reminders

Med-Q Pill Box with Alarms
Med-Q Pill Box with Alarms

The Automatic Smart Pill Reminder with alarms  is fantastic for your Senior Loved Ones.  Caregivers also are using this invention.  It has lowered the burden that comes with taking  care of Loved ones drug regime.  Where else can such a tiny outlay have such a big effect on everyone’s Quality of Life?

The Med-Q Pill Box with alarms come equipped with Flashing and Beeping  reminders.  

MedQ is a reasonable priced, modern  solution.  Med-Q Pill Reminder with alarms create to solves the remembering and over-dosing.   MedQ  Pill Box can be seen on these websites: American Red Cross and  AARPPill Box Organizer with Alarms

A flashing light will illuminate the individual box that needs to be taken with a bright red LED light.  This means no mistakes.  In addition to the light, there is an escalating alarm that continues to sound until pills are taken.  Med-Q is to help the Elderly regulate the correct time for their drugs and tablets.  This is the most important measure in keeping seniors in their own domicile  and out of Assisted living.  

Pill Box with Alarms No more Dad forgetting medication or Mom forgetting pills.  

This Pill reminder with alarms was especially designed for the Senior Alzheimer’s   suffers, the visually impaired, the mentally challenged and Individual managing a very complicated regimes.  A tool to take one of the burdens of medication off the patient and transferring it to modern technology is a big plus.testimonilas

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