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MED-Q Pill Box Reminder with Alarm

Med-Q Pill Box Reminder with Alarm


Most Common Medication Errors that Impact Seniors

medical errorsProperly taking your prescription medications as well as supplements can truly  be a matter of life and death. Deaths by  medication errors is unfortunately rising,  The the number of drug related fatalities is currently the #3 leading cause of death.  To put this into perspective. Imagine two &747 Jumbo jets crashing every day with no survivors.  These are the kind of numbers were are taking about.  Med-Q Pill Box Reminder with Alarm to the rescue.

Med-Q Pill Box Reminder with Alarm for the Worsening Problem  

The newest killer is medication misuse.  This is very high with opioid users such as oxycodone The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reports that 1.3 million people are injured each year from medication errors.

Med-Q Medication Management System offers the 5 most common well as dangerous medication errors to avoid:

1. Taking Too Many Pills

pill reminder with alarm

The Problem: Medication Overdosing is the #1 cause of medication fatalities .  This was reported by the FDA’s study about medication mistakes and other errors. Many Prescription pills have te potential to be abused.  These are the biggest ones A typical example would be painkillers like: Percocet, anti-anxiety medications like Xanax, as well as different kinds of stimulants (ex. Adderall) The fact of the matter is that an individual may overdose on virtually any kind of drug. You may be surprised to find out that Tylenol have been linked to just under 10000 fatalities in 2015 according to FDA statistic outlined in a report by ProPublica.

The Answer: Never take more medicine than has been prescribed by your health care professional. In addition, keep an eye on family and friends who might be overusing their prescription medications. Some of the different signs of  overuse may include: over-sedation, mood swings as well as running out of their pills earlier than the script has provided for.

Med-Q Pill Box Reminder with Alarm

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pill reminder with alarm
MED-Q pill reminder with alarm

2. Confusing Different Medications and tablets

The Problem: Every know that Prescriptions often have names that sound alike and are easy to mix up. Some typical Examples:

  • Zantac is for one’s heartburn  or Zyrtec for your allergies
  • Lamictal is made for epilepsy and Lamisil for fungal infection on the skin
  • Celebrex is made to treat arthritis and Celexa is made to treat depression

Senior Men and Women, particularly seniors with Alzheimer’s, will mix up pills. For example, when they look so similar.

The Answer: This is another case where Med-Q Pill Box Reminder with Alarm will be a great help.   Sorting out the pills in advance and placing them in a smart pill box you can prevent the wrong prescriptions from being taken because of confusion. Prescriptions should be loaded into their Pill  Reminder with Alarm . This is no small matter .  The FDA carefully reviews new drug names before they go to market to make sure the new medications with names that are not too close to existing medications that are being sold. in the medical marketplace. The goal is to prevent  mistakes by  patients as well as by their personal pharmacists.

3. Negative Medication Interactions

Smart Pill Box with AlarmsThe Problem: Some pills and supplements are not designed to be mixed. Look in a seniors pill box reminder.  You will see that the average senior is taking 5 Plus prescriptions a day.  Add in supplements and vitamins and you can see why an old fashion pill box is an accident waiting to happen.  For example, person has been prescribed an opiate painkiller from their doctor as well as sleeping medicine from a sleep specialist.  Separate, the medication is not harmful.  However,   they can cause a dangerously over-sedation condition if and when combined.

The Answer: Your Health Care Professional ought to stay on top of this.  This being said,  mistakes do happen.  The risk is greatly magnified if the patient’s various physicians are not communicating with one another properly as well as effectively. Talk to your the pharmacist about all of your medication. You may choose to use some of the online tools such as Medscape’s Drug Interaction Checker. to   You can try to make certain that your prescriptions medications, supplements and OTC ()over the counter medications) do not have negative side effects.

4. Food and Drug Interactions

Pill box reminder with alarmThe Issue: People do know that certain pills should not be taken at meal time.  There are other pills that should not be taken on an preempt stomachs.  A typical example: Many seniors are taking an anticoagulant  (Coumadin) or some kind of  blood thinning statins. Did you know that if you eats foods high in vitamin K, such as leafy green vegetables, broccoli , they will counter the medications effects.

Another example is drinking grapefruit juice.., This can cause potentially dangerous interactions with at least 85 differnt medication types . The reason, grapefruit juice holds a certain chemicals that will affect.s the way pills are metabolized by your liver.

The Answer: Always read the directions and warnings on the labels of your pill bottles.  If you don’t understand, ask the pharmacist. Remember, the pharmacist’s job is educate their patients about thee medications as well as how they are to be taking. Med-Q Pill Reminder with alarms provides you with this great article and food and drug interactions for more information.

5. Not using A Medication reminder with alarms

The Problem: The fact: Over Sixteen Percent of pill takers make mistakes involve using the wrong way of taking their pills.  The mistaken route of administration can be swallowing a tablet that should have been placed under the tongeu (medical term:  sub-lingually: slowly absorbed under the tongue) .  Some times the meds need to be takrn trough an anal suppository.  Others come in a liquid  form to be swollowed or for injection.

The Answer:   We will say it time and time again.  Follow all instructions on labels as well as from the doctor or pharmacist.  If you do not understand, then and ask questions until you do understand. If you are their caregiver, make sure you know the proper way that they need to take their medication, provide guidance and assistance if at all possible.

Have you or Family or Friends ever made a medication error before? Are there other medication errors you think readers should be aware of? Share the Pill Box Reminder with Alarm with others.

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Med-Q Pill Box Reminder with Alarm to the Rescue

The shocking truth, the National Institutes of Health has recently released a new study that shows that 40-42% of seniors over the age of 65 take 5 plus prescription medications each day.  In fact, 90% are taking  at least 1 prescription medication a day. Why the Med-Q Pill Box Reminder with Alarm?   The NIH Report showed that as many of 75 Percent of the elderly men and women  do not take their medications and supplements properly.  Learn more about the top Five most common  medication mistakes that older patients make at home.  These will help you avoid them. Automatic Pill Dispenser with alarms

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