MED-Q Smart Pill Box with Alarms Saves Lives

Med-Q Pill Box for wounded warriors

Wounded Warriors use MED-Q Pill box as their Pill Reminder

MED-Q Pill Box is being reviewed by Wounded Warriors for soldiers with brain injuries.

Med-Q Automatic Pill ReminderTo sum up, The simplicity of the Pill Box means that brain injured soldiers will make less mistakes taking medication. The wide range of injuries leave many Pill Clock has a triple alarm systems.

Nutrition – Fuel your body during recovery.

Again, A pill Box makes managing brain injured Wounded warriors easier. The 21st century technology helps our wounded warriors stay at home and still lead a good quality of life. Donations for brain incursions can be made at .  Med-q uses Triple audio and Visual alarms to help the injured remember to take their pills. By the same token,  This is a life-saving decision.

Dad Forgetting medicationWprogrammable pill reminder


MED-Q Pill reminder uses three alarms to act as a Medication reminder number.

First of all, The 1st alarm is a loud beeping audio alert. Second of all,This Pill Box keeps getting louder so the user can hear it throughout the entire house. Third of all, Alarm #2 is a Bright LED-LITE-BOX. This means that a RED LED light will flash in only the individual box that needs to be taken. Finally, this guide will virtually eliminate dosing errors. The third alarm is a combination of all three of the pill box alarms. Furthermore the entire cycle will repeat every 25 minutes until the user has taken their medication. A pill Box with alarms will eliminate mistakes.electronic pill box with alarm

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